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I’m tired of my fat jeans


If you’re a new mom, you’re tired of those obnoxious gossip rag stories about how the latest celeb is losing baby weight. What are some affordable, do-able solutions for a “normal” person? Find out.

Losing baby weight the right way

If you’re a new mom, you’re tired of those obnoxious gossip rag stories about how the latest celeb is losing baby weight. What are some affordable, do-able solutions for a “normal” person? Find out.
Every woman has at least two pairs of jeans in her closet — skinny jeans and fat jeans. You know what we mean by skinny jeans — not that unfortunate fashion trend but the jeans that make you look awesome and mean you’re at the lowest weight you’ve ever been. You want to get there again and let those fat jeans collect dust.

“Make activity an everyday part of raising your child, and you’ll be happy with your shape before you know it,” says Ron Warne, MYTRAK health coach.

Be a loser, The Biggest Loser

Not every new mom is “lucky” enough to field endorsement deals from weight loss companies like Jessica Simpson. The next best thing? Use the method reality TV celebs depend upon to shed pounds.

The Biggest Loser SLIMCOACH is an inconspicuous 24/7 reminder that you’re working to ditch those fat jeans. A small device worn to keep you motivated and active, it tracks calorie burn and monitors physical exertion wherever you are. The SLIMCOACH is powered by the MYTRAK technology of trainer-approved weight loss so you can enjoy instant feedback about the intensity of your physical activity and overall progress.

Fat reduction without the surgery

Wish you had the guts, time and cash to get that fat sucked right out of you? As enjoyable as that may sound, there’s an easier way. i-Lipo is a non-invasive laser liposuction that combines vacuum massage and low-level laser therapies for fat reduction. It offers inch loss and body contouring with no anesthesia, no redness, no bruising, no pain and no needles. You do have to do a little work to complete the process by burning off the released fat with light exercise after your treatment.

“New moms who are looking to get their pre-baby body back can definitely benefit from this procedure. It’s quick, painless and requires zero downtime, so they can be back to their newborn in no time,” says Tim Murphy, director of Arizona Laser Lipo. “The i-Lipo treatment actually results in one to two inches off after the very first visit.” Check the i-Lipo website to find a physician offering this treatment in your area.

Land on your weight loss goal

The Internet may be one of your best friends when you’re home alone with a newborn and craving connection with the outside world. Losing baby weight isn’t always easy, so keep your fitness goals online. The affordable FitOrbit delivers personal trainers and customized fitness programs online to suit your lifestyle. Less than two bucks a day can get you a personalized workout plan, a realistic meal plan and 24/7 support from the personal trainer you connect with best.

“The keys to a successful personal trainer are being able to motivate and inspire clients by listening to their needs and giving them the tools to achieve real results. Weight loss success with personal training has never been easier, more affordable or, most importantly, more effective,” says Jake Steinfeld, FitOrbit founder and chairman.

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Finally, throw away the scale! Even new mom Mariah Carey knows this rule about losing baby weight — it’s not about how much you weigh, it’s about how you feel and whether you’re satisfied when you look in the mirror.

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