Mom Blogger Face-off: Would you pay $700 (or more) for a stroller?

Mar 12, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Are all strollers created equal? Or is there something uber-special about strollers that are $700 (or more)?

Moms facing off this week

Audrey McClelland, founder of Mom Generations, and Erin Lane, founder of A Parenting Production.

The scenario

Every mom needs a stroller. Some even need a double (I personally needed two of them at the same time). Strollers are your main source of transportation when you have babies and toddlers. Whether you're an urban mom or a suburban mom, every mom relies on her stroller.

Where do you stroll? Oh, let's face it, just about anywhere and everywhere. The park, the mall, your neighborhood, the beach, the local playground, etc.

When you're looking for your stroller of choice, are all strollers created equal? Does it really matter?

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Question: Would you spend $700 (or more) for a stroller?

Audrey McClelland

Mom Generations


When I had my son William back in 2004, I bought a medium-priced stroller system. I think it cost about $350 for the whole system, which included the stroller, car seat and the base.

I have to say, it sucked. I was so unhappy with the quality of it. My husband and I used to travel around NYC with a can of WD-40 in our stroller! It was horrible.

I vowed back then I would never -- ever -- buy something as necessary as a stroller again based purely on a low price point.

Strollers are the means to getting around when you have a baby, so you need them to work for years. I bought a stroller that was $800 when I had my second son in 2005, and I still have it -- and use it --- when my sister-in-law comes to visit with my nephew. The quality and durability have spoken for themselves, which is good because my husband thought I was nuts to shell out that much seven years ago!

Erin Lane

A Parenting Production


Honestly, I think my answer is no, not even on a double. I know there are some super awesome, fancy strollers out there, but $700 seems like so much money to me. And for several hundred dollars less, you can still get an amazing, functional stroller.

My first stroller retailed for $500 and even though it was a gift, I still felt it was a tad excessive (although I do love it). In these economic times, you can make $700 stretch so much further than one stroller. I'd rather that same money buy my stroller and some clothing, books and toys for my kids.

And I know my CPA husband agrees. He actually thinks $700 for a stroller is ridiculous. He thinks we all get "baby high" and get lost in the world of baby marketing. To quote him, "For $700, that stroller better come with a GPS and a bidet."

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