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Baby products that double as beauty products for mom


Let’s face it, Moms: Personal beautification can cost a pretty penny. But you already have an arsenal of beauty products in your house… more specifically in your baby’s room.

Beauty for moms

Baby products from oil to powder double as awesome beauty products — for you! Share these products with baby and you’ll be glowing in no time.

Baby oil

Argan oil is all the rage, but soft skin comes at a lesser cost. A few drops of Johnson’s baby oil in a nice warm bath is not only soothing for baby but for tired mommies, too. Plus it’ll leave your skin feeling baby soft.

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If your skin is extra dry, gently massage a few extra drops on still-wet skin after emerging from the bath. Baby oil is also great for repairing dry cuticles and cracked skin.

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A touch of baby oil on a cotton ball or cotton swab can also work wonders for removing makeup, even waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. Just avoid getting it in your eyes, and be sure to rinse excess oil off afterwards. For an on-the-go makeup remover, baby wipes are ideal.

Baby powder

If you’re all out of dry shampoo but don’t have time for a total wash and rinse, sprinkle a little (we mean a little!) baby powder in your hands, then smooth it over roots and greasy areas of your hair. The powder absorbs the hair’s excess oils and helps give your roots a much needed revival.

Stop the icky stickies and chaffing by patting some baby powder on areas of your skin that are affected by chaffing during workouts or sweat on long summer days (like under the girls, if ya know what we mean). In a pinch, baby powder can also be used as deodorant.

Baby shampoo

My hairdresser has often chastised me for the product build-up that inevitably collects on my strands between visits to the salon. She told me baby shampoo like Johnson’s is just as effective at removing build-up as those expensive professional brands that promise to do the same thing. Baby shampoo also is very effective for cleaning makeup brushes.

If you use plain old bar soap as shave lather to save money, you’ll be happy to know that baby shampoo is great alternative to bar soaps that dry out the skin and pricey shaving gels — and it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and smooth just in time for spring shorts weather!

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Anti-bacterial lotion

We know a mom’s greatest fear is germs, but hand sanitizer and repeated hand washing can really dry out the skin. Enter an antibacterial anti-inflammatory lotion, like TriDerma Baby All-Purpose Aloe Healing and Cleansing Gel, which can serve as a hand washer and sanitizer on the go or an added product to soften and sooth baby and mom’s sensitive skin.

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