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Pinterest to the rainy day rescue

Kids have boundless energy. It’s tough for them to be cooped up inside on rainy days. With these 10 fun ideas from Pinterest, you can keep them happy and engaged while stuck indoors.

While we do allow our children to watch a bit of television each day, when the rainy season rolls in, I like to save the television for when we have exhausted all of our other ideas for indoor rainy day fun.

We’ve tried puzzles, games and baking, which have been fun but are feeling a bit stale now. So, I’ve been looking for some creative new ideas.

While I used to head straight to Google for my searches, Pinterest wooed me away months ago. And, just as I anticipated when I sat down to search, Pinterest didn’t let me down in my hunt for some fun ideas for keeping my kids happy when trapped inside!

Here are some of the best ideas for rainy day indoor activities, straight from Pinterest:

Get physical

With just a roll of ordinary masking tape, a handful of toy cars and an eager child, you can create an indoor racetrack that will surely buy you hours of fun. (Original pin source)

Relive your youth through teaching your children the joys of hopscotch. Grab your roll of masking tape, lay out your hopscotch and show your kids how it’s done. (Original pin source)

There comes a point in every day that’s spent indoors when what you really need to do is just physically wear your kids out. This great game of indoor pickup sticks is sure to do the trick. (Original pin source)

Send your kids off on a hunt throughout the house to find the necessary pillows, sheets and blankets for an epic indoor fort. Then climb on in and read some books together. (Original pin source)

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Get curious

When it’s raining outside, take the rain inside too! Make it rain rainbows with just some shaving cream and a bit of liquid food coloring. (Original pin source

With items you likely already have around the house, you can quickly make your own I-spy bottles that your children will find irresistible. (Original pin source

With a little bit of planning, you can set up these eight creative anti-boredom kits that are sure to keep your kids happy while stuck inside. (Original pin source)

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Get creative

There are times when a messy project is completely worth the clean up. This fun bubble painting art project is definitely one of those projects. (Original pin source)

With just petroleum jelly, Kool-Aid and a little help from you, easily make your own lipgloss. (These would make great party favors for those birthday party goody bags.) (Original pin source

Little kids and pasta necklaces seem to go hand and hand. Let your kids take things up a notch by making their own colored pasta beads.  (Original pin source)

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