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Best iTunes music for kids and tweens

Music is an essential part of an older child’s development, just as it is with toddlers and preschoolers. But with influential ears listening to every word, which albums are age-appropriate for kids these days? These iTunes albums mix today’s hits with age-appropriate lyrics.

Kidz Bop 21

Parent’s can rest their fears — and ears — with this Kidz Bop album. These kid and tween-friendly songs are all of today’s hottest hits, sung by tweens and teens. All of the song lyrics are changed to eliminate explicit language and most innuendoes. It’s not the real version but with your tween in your car, you’ll still be able to listen to current songs without the guilt or worry of bad language and influences.

Available on iTunes for $10.99

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Hampsterdance the Album

Warning: This album will drive parents crazy, so it’s best to turn it on and leave the room — or invest in ear plugs. While the annoying and repetitive sounds of songs like “The Hamsterdance Song,” “Hampster Party” and “Hampsters Get the Blues” from Hampton the Hampster drive parents bananas, kids seem to love him.

Available on iTunes for $9.99

Disneymania 6

Even though your kids are growing up, there will always be a special place in their hearts for the classic Disney songs. This album brings the classics to life with a new twist, as all the songs are sung by today’s hottest kid’s artists — Demi Lovato, The Cheetah Girls and even parent favorites like Colbie Caillat, Billy Ray Cyrus and Plain White T’s. Even parents will get their toes tapping and their vocals warmed up to sing along.

Available on iTunes for $9.99

The Fresh Beat Band

The children’s pop band (and hit Nick Jr. TV show) The Fresh Beat Band combines rock, dance, pop, punk and rap for harmless, fun and catchy tunes perfect for kids of all ages. These songs are so catchy, they will be stuck in everyone’s head for days or possibly weeks!

Available on iTunes for $10.99

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Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants

Play music that has a meaning with the Here Comes Science album by They Might Be Giants. Covering topics like astronomy, evolution, the color spectrum and electric cars in a wide variety of their songs, your kids will tap to the beats while absorbing useful and interesting information.

Available on iTunes for $9.99

Juicebox Heroes by Imagination Movers

The clever and catchy songs from the hit Disney TV show Imagination Movers have learning experiences or positive meanings behind the words. With songs about the first day of school, cleaning your room and working together, this album is every parent’s dream. It helps that the music is dance-worthy and fun, too!

Available on iTunes for $9.99

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