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5 Ways to do spring break on the cheap


Looking for ways to do spring break on a budget this year? While a blow-out vacation might not be in your near future, you can have an amazing vacay without spending a lot.

Spring break

These five spring break ideas are totally wallet-friendly and lots of fun for the whole family.

Gather ’round the fire

Planning some fun family time is key to a good spring break. Having a fire is a great idea for doing it.

“Build a fire in the fire place or the backyard fire ring. Gather everyone around and have each family member share their favorite family memory or something they like about each person in the family,” says Sandy Fowler, creator of Heart-Filled Holidays.

Don’t forget the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate for s’mores too!

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Go camping

Do you camp? If not, spring break is the perfect time to try it out. Look for a campground in a nearby area with fun activities.

Why camping? It’s a low-cost way to travel and can be a great bonding experience for the family. Pack up the car with your sleeping bags, pillows, tents, cooking gear and whatever else you need.

If you aren’t into the whole tent thing, you can still try camping by finding a campground with cabins for rent. Rustic cabins are usually electrified and sometimes (but not always) have running water. It’s a good way to get the experience without having to go full-on camping.

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Make eating special

Closer to home, there is a lot you can do to make some special spring break memories — such as planning a meal to remember.

“Plan a special meal. You don’t have to spend extra money, just take the time to set a pretty table. Use your best dishes. Make special drinks by adding a slice of fresh orange or lemon to each glass of water,” says Fowler.

Decorate together

Spring is famous for spring cleaning, but what about some spring decorating too? You can get the whole family in on it with just a few simple supplies.

“Spend some time together making decorations for your home. It’s a simple family activity and can be done with something as simple as paper, scissors and markers or crayons,” says Fowler.

Volunteer together

Giving back is a great way to make spring break special too. You could spend time at a local soup kitchen, volunteer at a clean-up day or spend time with animals.

“Volunteer at a local animal shelter with the family or, better yet, adopt a dog or cat who is in need of a loving and caring home,” says David Hendrickson, the CEO/Founder of Hendrick Boards.

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