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From unique to classic: Find your baby name style

The key to finding the perfect baby name is to determine your baby name style. Do you love the edgy sound of unique baby names like Poet and Blaize? Or you do you prefer more traditional baby names, such as Jack and Beatrice? Let us help you determine your baby name style so you can find the perfect name for your baby girl or baby boy.

Finding your baby name style not only helps you narrow down your search, but also helps if you and your partner can’t agree on a name. We take a look at unique names, traditional names, exotic names, trendy names — and more!

Our baby name guide will you find the name that is just right for you. Ready to get started?

Unique baby names

Do you love unusual boy names like Draven or Maze? Or the cool and edgy girl names of Shine or Fawn? If you love names that are unusual and will help your child stand out in a crowd, then perhaps a unique name is right for you. You won’t find any of these names on the popular baby name lists — which is great for trendsetting parents.

To find the perfect unique name, check out these articles below:

Traditional baby names

Are you drawn to classic baby names that never go out of style? If boy names like Jack, Harry or Samuel or girl names like Beatrice, Agnes or Gwendolyn are at the top of your list, then a traditional baby name may be the perfect choice for you.

Check out our articles below to help you in your search for a traditional baby name:

Exotic baby names

If you love the worldly sound of names like Josette or Malia for girls or Rylan or Mateo for boys, then perhaps an exotic name is just right for you. Irish baby names are a popular choice for parents in the U.S., as are French names and Spanish names. Our Advanced Baby Name Search allows you narrow down your search by origin. However, check out the articles below for more ideas:

Trendy baby names

Do you love the hottest fashions and trendiest baby names? If you are a chic mama, then perhaps a baby name like Bentley, Greyson, Maci or Quinn would be the perfect choice for you. The most popular baby name for girls currently is Isabella, while the most popular baby name for boys is Jacob.

For more ideas, check out our articles below:

Celebrity baby names

Do you love trendsetting celebrity baby names, like Harper Seven Beckham and Blue Ivy Carter? Do you wait in anticipation to find out what celebrities will name their bouncing baby boy or girl? Check out our roundup of the coolest and weirdest celebrity baby names.

For more baby name ideas, check out our Baby Name section that has name origins, meanings and more! >>

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