Advice for improving your blog from top mom bloggers

Feb 15, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Ever wonder how top mom bloggers got where they are? How do they connect with their readers through their blog writing? What's the secret to their success? We asked some popular blogging moms for their advice. Here's how to take your blog to the next level.

Find a niche

Ready to get serious with your blogging? Start by narrowing your focus so that you offer something unique. While there are plenty of bloggers out there who write a little of everything, the most successful bloggers do it within their narrow niche perspective.

For Christine Coppa, who writes the Mama's Boy blog on and is the author of Rattled!, that's single mom blogging -- something she started when she was pregnant with her now 4-year-old son.

"In such a saturated market, you need to find something to write about that people will know you for. People read Mama's Boy because a single mom is writing it. They are looking for that niche opinion," says Coppa.

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Remember: people are reading

Sometimes it can feel like the only people reading your blog are your mom and best friend. But even if that's true now, it probably won't always be. And you want whatever you put on your blog to be your best efforts because people do read back through old entries. So, what do you do?

"My advice is to write like the whole world is reading, even if (you think) no one is. Really focus on the quality of your content and put out your best work," says Stefania Butler, who writes City Mama and is co-founder of Clever Girls Collective, a blog network and social media agency.

Meagan Francis, who writes The Happiest Mom blog and is author of several parenting books, including The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood, agrees. "The best tip I can give is to remember your reader," says Francis.

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Write intentionally

Of course, it's not just about knowing that others are (or will) read your words. Your message in your blogs matters a lot too. "Blogs are personal, yes, but the best writing goes beyond a cute story or angry vent and touches on a universal truth, something we can all relate to. I love blogs that get people thinking and invite readers to reflect and respond," says Francis.

Take time with your posts, crafting well-worded (and spellchecked!) posts. Readers will appreciate the care you take with your words. "When you care about your words, your readers will recognize that and that's what will move them to tell all their friends about you and keep them coming back," says Butler.

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