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These Vintage Baby Names Will Never Go Out of Style

Vintage baby names continue to be a red-hot trend for modern parents. In 2016, several old-timey baby names shot up in popularity on the Social Security Administration’s list, and that upward movement doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The classic name Charlotte, for example, came in as the seventh most popular girl name in 2016, which is a huge change from its 2000 ranking of No. 289. Perhaps the U.K.’s Princess Charlotte has something to do with that?

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There are even quite a few star-studded vintage baby names showing up on the birth certificates of celebrity babies. Look no further than George and Amal Clooney’s twins as a recent example. Their daughter is named Ella and their son is named Alexander. Ellen Pompeo’s youngest child also sports a vintage name: Eli Christopher.

Sweet vintage girl names

Here are some gorgeous vintage girl names. Some of these are trending upward and others remain undiscovered gems just waiting for your baby.

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Classic vintage boy names

If you’re expecting a little boy, these vintage names may do the trick. Again, some of these old-fashioned names have become quite popular in recent years, but others may sound pretty unique to modern ears.

A blast from the past

Let’s take a look through the pages of yesteryear to see what names parents were giving their kids in decades past. Here are the top five names for both boys and girls from past decades. You’ll notice some repeats, especially among boy names (male names in general tend to be less affected by trends than female names).




While naming a baby is a huge decision, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at older names and consider making them new again. If you’re stumped, glance through your family tree, consult your favorite classic books or take in an old Hollywood flick. Inspiration comes in many forms, so take advantage of it when it strikes.

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