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For a powerful baby name, you can’t go wrong with a presidential pick

While Hillary or Donald may not top your baby names list, this upcoming election has got us thinking. No matter your political affiliations, you might appreciate that many of our past presidents have strong and traditional names that come with powerful connotations. And in the political arena, we’ve also uncovered several classic baby girl names that are known to command attention.

Check out our list of historical names of presidents and vice presidents, as well as names of presidential candidates that almost nabbed the top spot at the White House.

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Names of the United States Presidents

If you are searching for the ultimate presidential name for your baby boy, your best bet is George or James, as there were three presidents named George (Washington, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.) and four presidents named James (Madison, Monroe, Buchanan and Garfield).

Check out some of the first names of the Presidents of the United States:

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