Home by Novogratz: Create a chic, kid-friendly home

Tips for teen rooms

What is the key to creating a hip and comfortable room for your teen? “Try to keep the posters to a limit! I recommend creating a little hangout area, which can be a little loveseat with side table, a lamp, and a chair. This really makes the space feel like a lounge (which is really great for teenagers) and is great for when they have friends over and want to hang out in their own space,” says Cortney.

Home office how-to

For parents that have a home office, how can you create a space that is just for you? “A good start is to have a clever password on your laptop or computer. We live and work in a townhouse, so when the kids are home, they hang out on all different floors. Our kitchen is our office, so when the kids are home we try to teach them to respect that sometimes we are still working,” she says. “It’s never perfect, but at the end of the day we truly feel that it’s a luxury to be able to work from our home. One of the many advantages is that you kids get to learn firsthand what you actually do for a living. ”


Catch up with the Novogratz family at thenovogratz.com. New episodes of their HGTV show Home by Novogratz on-air this Spring.

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