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Naming Cupid: Valentine’s Day baby names

Valentine’s Day symbolizes love and romance and if you are expecting a baby in the month of February (or are just a romantic at heart!), you will adore our Cupid-inspired names for boys and girls.

Valentine baby

February is the month of romance and love, and our Valentine’s Day-inspired baby names are perfect for baby boys and baby girls born in this lovely month. If your baby was conceived in this sexy month — or you are a sucker for romance — let love carry you away with these fun and unique names.

Valentine’s Day-inspired baby names

The name Valentine would make a cute and unique name for your baby girl, as would Valentina, which is the name of Salma Hayek’s daughter. Love would make a beautiful first or middle name, such as the cute name of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. Heart and Cupid are also unique names for romantic parents. Beyoncé named her daughter Blue Ivy and Alicia Silverstone named her son Bear Blu — so why not give your child a colorful name such as Red or Pink?

Virtue names, such as Romance, Hope, Grace or Faith, are also romantic and beautiful names. Your valentine baby boy can be given the cool names of Valentino, Val or Hart.

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Baby Names that mean “love”

These baby names are not only romantic, but they actually mean “love!” If you love the meaning behind the name, you will adore these lovely monikers for girls and boys. These unique baby names will always be close to your heart.

Boy names that mean love

Girl names that mean love

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Romantic destinations

There are locations that are traditionally thought of as romantic, such as Paris, Venice, London and Maui — all of which would make great names. You can also think about which locations are romantic to you, such as a first date or honeymoon. For example, Victoria Beckham named her son Brooklyn because she was in New York when she found out she was pregnant.

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  • Ireland
  • York
  • Lanai
  • Tahiti

Names of romantic couples

Why not be inspired by some of the most romantic couples that graced the silver screen? These couples not only have cool and unique names for girls and boys, but they also have a romantic story that goes along with them.

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Names that sound romantic

Perhaps it is the elegant and sophisticated sound of these names, but there is something about longer names that gives them a lovely and romantic feel to them. These classic names could be just the right name for your Valentine’s Day baby.

Cool “V” baby names

You can also be inspired by Valentine’s Day with these cool baby names that start with the letter V. These names are unique and fun, with an edge!

Tell us: What is your favorite Valentine’s Day baby name?

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