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Big Miracle star Ted Danson values the importance of being close to family

Actor Ted Danson is one of the many wonderful actors appearing in the new feel-good film Big Miracle. Recently Danson sat down at a press junket to talk about the movie and a variety of other subjects — including becoming a grandfather.

Danson talks about the film, family

Inspired by a true story, Big Miracle is a rescue adventure movie that tells the tale of a small town news reporter (John Krasinski) and a Greenpeace activist (Drew Barrymore) who aim to save a family of gray whales trapped by ice in the Arctic Circle. Ted Danson‘s character, J.W. McGraw, is based on a composite of those involved in the real-life story. And though it may first appear that the oil tycoon cares more about money than anything, McGraw realizes that it’s in his company’s best interest to try to help. Danson ends up providing equipment and money to help free the whales.

Becoming a grandparent

Danson, who has been married to actress Mary Steenburgen for 16 years, is a new grandfather and appreciates the importance of being close to home, especially after spending so much time away from his family while shooting Big Miracle.

“I think the reason why I took CSI, which is what I’m doing now…to be here in Los Angeles and be at the birth and to be able to hang around and babysit and do all of that and not be in Anchorage, Alaska,” explains Danson. “And to be able to work in town at my age is such a treat. I’m so grateful.”

Advocating for the oceans

Danson has long been an advocate for protecting our world’s oceans and works closely with If you share the Big Miracle trailer on Facebook, they will donate $1 to Oceana.

How can you help? Danson encourages everyone to check out and become an advocate, but also download an app called “Seafood Watch.”

“It’ll tell what’s good to eat, what’s not, and why,” says Danson. “So if you start educating yourself on what’s sustainable, you will end up having an impact on the markets, which will have an impact on the fisheries, hopefully.”

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