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Valentine’s Day gifts that boys will love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all hearts, flowers, pink and glitter. For families with boys, finding cool Valentine’s Day gifts can be a challenge. Check out these Valentine’s Day gifts for the little (boy) Valentines in your life!

A boy’s gotta have heart

Graphic tee

We’ve got to hand it to the fashion retail industry, because when it comes to Valentine’s Day, they’ve really stepped up their game. Almost every children’s brand and store carries a line of Valentine’s Day outfits, including the boys’ department. While some of them take the “Mommy’s Little Heartbreaker” route, we think the cute factor is a bit much for most school-aged boys. This graphic tee (The Children’s Place, $7) has a heart — plus a few more organs — and will make any young boy smirk while he grosses out his sister.

LEGO of my heart

Lego Valentine's box

LEGOs are a pretty safe bet when it comes to gifts for boys, and they’ll have building block hearts in their eyes when you give them this LEGO Valentine’s Day Box set (, $5). It comes with just over 50 pieces and is sure to keep them busy just long enough for you to enjoy a bite or two of that special Valentine’s Day dinner you spent the entire day making. Another fun Valentine’s Day LEGO idea if you want to add to his collection is to use a LEGO Baseplate (, $5) to spell out a Valentine’s Day message… in LEGO bricks, of course!

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Speaking of Cupid…

Zing Air Z-Curve Bow

Let your favorite little guy play Cupid this Valentine’s Day with his very own bow and arrow set, just like Cupid himself uses to make his victims fall in love. The Zing Air Z-Curve Bow set (Amazon, $26) looks like a real bow and arrow set, comes with two varieties of super sticky suction arrows and claims to launch arrows over 100 feet — perfect for running off all of that candy and sugar in the backyard after the class Valentine’s Day party!

Baskets just for boys

Valentine's Day basket

No matter how old your boy is, you can put together some of his favorite things in a gift basket for Valentine’s Day. You can include candy, toys, games and even books about Valentine’s Day. You can also find prepackaged baskets just for boys in stores and online. One of our favorites is the Lil Valentine boy gift basket (Holiday Gifts & Baskets, $29) that hold conversation hearts, chocolates, a lollipop, a stamp set, a toy car, a stuffie and more.

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In a galaxy far, far away

Han Solo chocolate bar

If Star Wars is the hottest thing in your boy-filled household, you’ll make your Valentine giggle with this Han Solo chocolate bar (, $12) for a sweet treat he may never eat. For the little Star Wars fan, help keep his head warm and toasty with this cool R2D2 knit hat from BabbidgePatch (Etsy, $22).

Sweet team spirit


Does your boy have a favorite NFL team? Does game time mean he’s glued to the television, rooting them on? Game on — a bag of personalized M&M candies (My M&Ms, $11) printed with his favorite team logos and in their colors is sure to win the prize for best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

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