For the Love of Children: A parenting guidebook

Jan 31, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Do you ever wish that you had a handy manual on parenting? A quick reference for how to handle different situations would make this mommy-ing gig so much easier! While much is trial and error, you can certainly educate yourself to help you reach your parenting potential.

For the Love of Children

Anna Wahlgren, Europe's leading baby and child-raising expert, is a mom of nine, grandmother of 14 and a best-selling author. Having a baby "is a life-changing, transformational and profound event that '…is a brush with the infinite,'" Wahlgren writes.

And, as any parent will attest, that's the truth! While books like What to Expect when You're Expecting and What to Expect the First Year might start you off on the right path, there is so much to learn about being a parent.

Much of what you pick up occurs as a result of your instincts, trial and error, and looking to friends and family and other parenting role models, but you can gain parenting skills through reading.

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For the Love of Children

Anna Wahlgren's most recent book. For the Love of Children, is a 700-plus page book on parenting, filled with information to cover you from pregnancy through your child's teenage years.

For the Love of Children "was originally written for [Anna's] children to use and learn from as they had children of their own... It is a deeply personal and revealing book sprung from Wahlgren's philosophy about love and family relationships, how society has evolved and her insights about raising children in today's stressful world."

For the Love of Children is available on Amazon for $40.

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