You named him what? Dealing with baby name criticism

Jan 30, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET

After searching and brainstorming for months, you found the perfect baby name for your boy or girl -- only to find that family and friends hate it. What's the best way to deal with baby name criticism? Get tips from parents and experts on this touchy dilemma

If you are dealing with baby name criticism over your name choice, be assured that you are not alone. Mom Tara Tyler ran into baby name criticism when she told her family she was naming her son Rylen. "My family said it sounded like a girl name, they did not like the way I spelled it [and] they kept suggesting new names all the time!" said Tyler. She said she named her son Rylen anyway and they now all agree it's the perfect name for him.

In the same boat? Get more tips on dealing with baby name criticism.

Keep the baby name top secret

Julie Cole, co- founder of Mabel's Labels Inc., found out that keeping the baby name secret until after the baby is born is the best way to beat baby name bashers.

"I have six kids with unique names, but each is lovely and not too 'out there,'" says Cole. "But I did learn early on that if you don't even want to hear the criticism, just don't share your name ideas before the baby arrives. Once you name the child, no one says anything negative. While you are still pregnant, you are fair game for name criticism, it would seem."

Cole said that she learned this when she was pregnant with her second child and she remembered getting "horrified" reactions when she shared her daughter's name of Posy.

"Now, Posy is 10 years old and is remembered wherever she goes because of her beautiful name," says Cole "It must have seemed a strange name before it was attached to an amazing little human."

Good to Know

"Once you name the child, no one says anything negative."

Stick to your guns

Mom of three Carly Kerby of said she and her husband decided against one name that he came up with because of pressure from others saying they didn't like it.

"I love the name we chose, it fits her well, but I still think about the name my husband loved," she said.

Kerby is pregnant again and due in June and said she is more confident about sticking with her baby name choice. "I know some people don't love the girl's name in particular, but my husband and I love it and feel good enough about it that it does not matter to us what other people think. It's a nice feeling!" she says.

Develop a thick skin

"Because parents often spend a large amount of time brainstorming the perfect name for their little ones, it can be all the more hurtful when family and friends question their choice," says Chantilly Patiño, publisher behind "For parents who are selecting names that carry cultural significance, another layer of misunderstanding can sometimes be added to the mix."

Patiño suggests explaining the meaning behind the name to help friends and family understand your baby name choice. "When confronted about the name you've chosen, the important thing is not to take it personally and to remember that any name can become a source of pride for your family, as long as you take the time to demonstrate its importance to those who matter most," she says.

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