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Best mom vloggers: Meet the Mommaloguers

We brought you the best of the best in the mom blogging world in our  Best Mom Bloggers series. Now, let us introduce you to our own group of mom bloggers who take honesty a step further. These ladies keep it real and raise their voices, both on their blogs and in their vlogs, on our very own Mommologues.

best mom blogs

Bloggers keep it real on video

We brought you the best of the best in the mom blogging world in our Best Mom Bloggers series. Now, let us introduce you to a group of mom bloggers who take honesty a step further. These ladies keep it real and raise their voices, both on their blogs and in their vlogs, on our very own Mommalogues.

Danielle SmithExtraordinary Mommy

Danielle Smith of Extraordinary Mommy is the mom to two sweet and sassy small people — Delaney is 7 and Cooper is 5. Her daughter is in second grade and her small dude is officially a kindergartner. Danielle and her family live in the St. Louis area, though she was raised in Southern California and still considers herself a SoCal girl. Beyond Extraordinary Mommy, Danielle also owns Danielle Smith Media, which highlights video and social media. Danielle is a public speaker and recently became a published author! Her first book is co-authored by Aliza Sherman and is called Mom, Incorporated.

Why we love this blog: Danielle focuses on the extraordinary things moms do every single day — and as we know, there are plenty!

Mama KatMama’s
Losin’ It

Mama Kat of Mama Kat’s Losin’ It is a mom to three kids… and she’s funny with a capital “F.” She was inspired to begin blogging back in 2007, not only because of her lifelong love for writing, but also as a way to stay connected to her work experience as an English teacher. While she’s moved on to bigger and better ventures — she runs a busy daycare business — she has not lost her knack for writing. When Kat’s not writing and vlogging or on Twitter, she keeps busy taking care of kids and as an Account Manager for BlogFrog.

Why we love this blog: Mama Kat isn’t afraid to be silly for the camera. We love the videos she uploads to her blog — bring on the laughs!

Justice FergieLife IS
the party

Stacey, aka Justice Fergie, maintains a lifestyle blog, Life IS the party, where she covers lifestyles topics, including food (she’s a foodie!), fashion, style and success. Justice Fergie is one busy mama — she’s a technology attorney by day and a social media entrepreneur by night. She has three kiddos: Chatterbox (7 years old), Giggles (5 years old), and L’il Buddy (3 years old). Stacey has been married for 8 years and lives in the DC Metro Area. She’s also the co-founder of the Be Blogalicious community and conferences celebrating diversity in social media.

Why we love this blog: Her clean, easy-to-read blog covers interesting topics. Whether you need a recipe or a good story, Stacey has it!


Audrey McClelland, who is joining the Mommalogues next month, is one of three women behind Mom Generations, a hip online destination for moms, featuring daily fashion news for moms and kids, fabulous giveaways, smart family advice and the latest celebrity news. Audrey maintains Mom Generations with her mom, Sharon, and her sister, Jane. The family connection is the best! You can count on Mom Generations for fabulous fashion advice — both for moms and kids — as well as personal stories.

Why we love this blog: Audrey is a beautiful mama who shares gives us good advice. We adore her tips on fashion, beauty and more.

Vera SweeneyLady and
the Blog

Vera Sweeney will also join the Mommalogues in February. This mother of two and a native New Yorker founded Lady and the Blog, and And, of course, we love them all for the varied topics, including entertainment and pop culture news, fashion trends, beauty product reviews, step-by-step recipe breakdowns and travel tips. Did we mention those sites generate 4 million monthly page views?! You can learn more about the Lady behind the empire on the personal blog section of Lady and the Blog. Vera is also the co-founder of Getting Gorgeous (with fellow Mommaloguer Audrey). This company is dedicated to offering fashion and beauty advice to moms.

Why we love this blog: Vera is an amazing do-it-all businesswoman and mom who stays connected to her readers. We admire her!

Mama’s Blog

Margo Porras of Nacho Mama’s blog says she likes to think of herself as “Nate Berkus meets Charo at the Metropolitan Museum.” How can you not love that?! She’s a mom, wife, designer, Latina, blogger (or bloguera) and more. Margo left a great career at the Met to study interior design and now lives a life “full of design, salsa and belly laughs, with just enough drama to make her want to stick around until the end.” You’ll find a little bit of everything on Nacho Mama’s Blog: Style, home and decor, food, fashion and more.

Why we love this blog: Margo is honest and funny and just so darn adorable. We love her personality — you really feel like you know her.

SummerLe Musings
of Moi

Summer blogs at Le Musings of Moi, where she writes and shares all of her latest and greatest obsessions. She describes herself as “kind of all over the place… from fashion and decor to health and fitness, and sometimes…I even talk about parenting.” Summer is a mom of two: Taylor, her spirited 6-year-old son, and Chloe, her easygoing 2.5-year-old daughter. Summer relies on her husband Jimmy to help keep things under control and to make her laugh on the days when she thinks she may have really lost her mind. We can all relate to that — thinking we’ve lost our minds!

Why we love this blog: She describes herself as “all over the place” — and we think that’s part of her charm. Summer is personable and funny.

Stephanie PrecourtAdventures in Babywearing

Stephanie Precourt, who is also joining the Mommalogues in February, is the genius behind Adventures in Babywearing. Steph has been married for over 12 years and is the mom to four amazing kids. She’s a writer, blogger and an advocate of babywearing — obviously! Her blog is about so much more, though, and the pictures of her darling kids and parenting stories are enough to keep us coming back for the daily (yes, daily) new content. Steph connects with her readers and blogs from the heart.

Why we love this blog: We love the personal connection we feel to Steph. She’s honest and open and lets us into her life.

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