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6 New mom makeover tips

Being a mom doesn’t have to equate to looking frumpy! You can be one hot mama — inside and out. So why not work on that “outside” part? We know you’re busy with the kids, but these six new mom makeover tips will transform you from mommy to MILF in no time flat.


1. Pick a signature look

Ditch the mom jeans and oversized T-shirts. You can look super cute while also dressing practically for taking the kids to the park and play dates. Pick a signature look such as leggings with cute tunics, oh-so-trendy TOMs with skinny jeans or funky hats paired with casual cotton dresses and cowboy boots. You don’t have to give up your pre-baby signature style just because you are a mom. Just re-work your wardrobe so you can look cute and casual — while feeling like your best you.

2. Whiten your smile

A great smile is one of the best features a new mom can rock. So make sure your pearlies are gleaming with an easy at-home whitening product like Crest 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips that will brighten your smile in a flash. So smile on, new mom!

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3. Play up your best feature

MascaraYou don’t have to spend 30 minutes (or more!) on an entire makeup routine every time you head out the door to drop your toddler off at preschool.

Instead, choose one facial feature to accentuate. Play up your eyes with a bit of liner and mascara, work your sexy cheekbones with some bronzer or swipe your Angelina Jolie-esque pout with some shiny lip-gloss.

4. Brighten your face

Up with a crying baby all night? No one has to know with the help of some brightening/concealing products.

Use a color-correcting highlighter like Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightener to hide telltale dark circles under your eyes, reduce shadows and minimize discolorations.

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5. Skip the daily wash/blow-dry routine

Washing and blow drying your hair every single day can dry out your tresses big time. (And what mom has time for a perfect daily blowout?) Save precious time — and your strands — by washing your hair every other day or longer, if you can get away with it. Give yourself one fab blowout, then manage it over the next few days by using dry shampoo (or baby powder) on your roots if they get greasy, and adding argan oil to the tips and sleeping on a silk/satin pillow to avoid frizzy bird’s nest hair. Try a cute ponytail or braids to get one final day out of your blowout.

6. Start fresh

scrubTo brighten up your tired skin, exfoliating is key. You can make your own exfoliator in seconds by combining honey and sugar to form a thick paste.

Gently rub the mixture on your face/skin in a circular motion. Wash the exfoliator off with a warm washcloth and pat dry for smooth, fresh skin.

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