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Being a digital mom: How to name your blog

Naming your blog is the first step in becoming a blogger. How can you find the perfect name? Here are 5 things to keep in mind.

Digital mom

The first step you need to do as a blogger is name your blog. I’m not kidding when I say this, but it’s like naming a child!
You want to make sure the name you pick is perfect and that it will grow with you (and your family) as you evolve.

This can be for many bloggers the trickiest and most time consuming part. It’s not that easy to sit down and just come up with something.

It can take a good amount of time and brainstorming to really come up with that jewel of a name. And believe me, it’s worth waiting until you know you have it.


When I started blogging back in 2005 with my mom and sister, we made a rookie mistake. We named our mom blog

The logic behind this name was that everyone either has a pink (girl) or a blue (boy) when they become a mom.

At the time, we thought it made perfect sense… right? The only problem was, I didn’t personally have a daughter and the name always left people asking us, “What does it mean?”

It’s not a good thing when people are questioning the name of your blog. There was no pizzazz, recognition or excitement with the name, and I knew that was always going to be a problem for us.

After two years, we completely rebranded and changed the name of our blog to We wanted to have the word mom in our name, and because we (my mom, sister and I) all blogged on, we thought the word “generations” just made sense for us. I’ll tell you what, it completely changed everything! Our traffic doubled. Our visibility with brands and companies increased. It was amazing, and all because we simply changed our blog name.

So how can you find the perfect name for your blog?

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when you’re in the blog naming process:

1. Keep it short and sweet

You don’t want to have a blog name that is more than two or three words long. It becomes way to difficult for people to remember anything wordy. You want to be able to share your name with a complete stranger and have them remember it off the top of their head.
For example, don’t name your blog something like, “Mom with 4 sons living in suburbia world craziness.” Instead go for something shorter and sweeter like, “4 sons in suburbia.”

2. Use keywords

It’s always important to get keywords into your name. If you’re a mom blogger, I would highly recommend getting one of these words into your name:  mom, motherhood, parenthood, mommy or mama.
These are keywords that make it much easier for someone to search for your blog. Not to mention, if you want to turn your blog into a business, it’s much easier for brands and companies to identify you as a mom blogger with one of those words in your name.

3. Add in your niche or topic

CookingIf you’re a mom blogger who specifically writes about food, fitness, fashion, crafting, coupons, deals, etc., then you want to make sure you add words in that will alert readers as to what you blog about.
For example, the blog “Deal Seeking Mom” is perfect because you know it’s a mom writing about deals.

4. A name you can grow with

It’s important to find a name you can absolutely grow with, along with your family. You don’t want to name your blog “Mom and Son,” especially if you are expecting to have more babies. You don’t want to limit yourself and always leave people wondering, “Why did she name it that?”

5. Who? What? Where?

If you’re completely stuck, another tip I love to recommend to new bloggers is to sit down and literally draft out the questions: who? what? where? Answer everything about your blog that you desire and want it to be. Take a look at the words you’ve listed and start to think of ways to turn those words into a blog name. This really helps a ton!

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