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Do’s and don’ts when naming twin babies

Baby names times two! You thought finding one baby name would be a challenge — until you found out you were having two! Follow our advice for finding the perfect baby names for twins.


Find the right set of twin baby names by following our guide for naming multiples. What are the most popular twin names? Should twin names rhyme? Should twin names be long or short? Get answers for these questions and more.

DO look at baby name lists for inspiration

Each year the Social Security Administration releases a list of the top twin baby names, taken from birth certificates of that same year. By looking at these top twin baby name lists, it might help inspire you or give you ideas when naming your own twins. Here are the top five twin names, including twin girl names, twin boy names and boy/girl twin names.


Top twin girl names

  1. Ella, Emma
  2. Olivia, Sophia
  3. Gabriella, Isabella
  4. Faith, Hope
  5. Ava, Emma

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Top twin boy names

  1. Jacob, Joshua
  2. Ethan, Evan
  3. Jayden, Jordan
  4. Daniel, David
  5. Matthew, Michael

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Top twin boy/girl names

  1. Madison, Mason
  2. Emma, Ethan
  3. Taylor, Tyler
  4. Madison, Michael
  5. Jayda, Jayden

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DON’T make the names too similar

If your chosen twin baby names sound too much alike, it can cause confusion to others and the child. (Did she say Jayden? Or Jayda?) Test the names by saying them out loud to determine if they are too similar. For instance, Landon and London can easily be confused, as could Mia and Mya.

DO have fun with themes

Do consider naming your twins names that have the same theme. Some popular baby name themes include virtue names (Faith, Hope), flower baby names (Daisy, Poppy) or destination baby names (London, Brooklyn). You also pick baby names that are of the same origin, such as Irish names (Kieran, Keegan) or Italian names (Gia, Marcello).

DON’T ignore length of names

You will be announcing, singing and, yes, even occasionally yelling your twins’ names on a regular basis. If both names are too long, you may get tongue-tied and start calling your kids “the twins” or another nickname.

Consider choosing shorter one or two syllable names, or sticking to one longer name and one shorter name, such as Sebastian and Sam.

DO consider the same letters or initials

Giving your twins names that start with the same letter is a huge trend among parents of multiples. This is a great way to keep a theme going, without making the names too similar or too cutesy. Some cute examples of this trend are Madison and Morgan, Olivia and Owen and Logan and Luke.

One more quick tip: Consider choosing names by meanings

Use our Advanced Baby Name search for names with the same meanings.

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