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How to keep your new baby healthy naturally

Arianne Segerman

Some of the easiest and most effective ways to care for your new baby are also gentle and natural. Here are the five ways you can help keep your baby healthy through the winter season.

The cold months are definitely upon us now, and no doubt you will start to see signs of cold and flu popping up in your baby some time in the next few months. But what if you could prevent those bugs from turning your little one into a poor, sick sweetie? These healthy ideas are perfect for keeping the bugs at bay.

Keep their noses clean

Believe it or not, keeping a baby’s nose clear is one of the biggest ways you can prevent colds from taking hold. “Babies are obligate nose breathers”, says Dr. Hana Solomon, “so in order for them to eat well, sleep well and grow, they require a clean and healthy nose.”


Let them be sunny

Vitamin D from the sun is the cheapest (free!) way to get this oh so important nutrient into your baby.

If it’s too cold out, let baby be bare chested near a sunny window for at least 20 minutes a day and they’ll get a fantastic dose of this disease preventing Vitamin.

The Vitamin D can also help their skin and sleep, and boosts brain function as well. Even babies can get the blues being out of the sun too much in the winter, so remember to be intentional and get them out in the rays every day!

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Find some silver

Spray BottleColloidal silver is a natural supplement to fight disease, and is usually found at most any health food store.

Put it into a spray bottle and it’s easy to administer to your baby. “Colloidal silver helps with microbes and bacterias and resistant symptoms,” says Chiropractor Dr. Mara Tabares. “In a base of water it can be sprayed all day in the child’s mouth.”

Go homeopathic

Homeopathic remedies found at many drug stores these days are the perfect way to treat cold symptoms the second you notice something is wrong.

Many brands now make remedies that instantly dissolve in baby’s mouth, making these perfect for little ones battling a bug. Look for Hyland’s or Boiron products that sell the best children’s homeopathic products out there.

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Lay low

Winter months are the perfect time to maybe take a week off here or there from those playgroups and mother and baby classes. Such places are the perfect breeding ground for colds and flu to go ’round and ’round a group of babies, and we all know babies share toys and pop them straight into their mouths. Yikes! Just remember, a happy and healthy baby is worth saying no to the get-togethers for a while!

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