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Beyoncé’s baby, childhood obesity, baby names and more

Looking for a quick overview of what’s new and hot from the past week at SheKnows Parenting? Check out our SheKnows Parenting week-in-review. From recent parenting news to can’t miss tips, it’s all here! This week’s highlights include Beyoncé’s new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, efforts to end childhood obesity, baby names and more.

Beyonce has baby Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter. Beyoncé baby watch ends in an unusual name. Celebs and their unique baby names!

Is it that bad? Worst celebrity baby names: Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy Carter. Real Moms Guide.

Putting an end to unpaid library fines. Police sent to a child’s home for overdue library books. Overreaction or about darn time?

Focusing on obese kids. Georgia’s anti-obesity campaign brings childhood obesity to light. Humiliating or right on target?

Bonus points for staying skinny. French nutritionist proposes giving kids better grades for being slim. Solving the obesity crisis, one grade at a time.

Yuck — but lice are a fact of school life. Lice Prevention. Real Moms Guide.

Ladies who look good. Best fashion blogs for moms. Be inspired to sport a stylish getup.

Commit to the earth this year. Eco-friendly family resolutions to keep all year long. Lifestyle changes that help reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

Our weekly feature of famous pregnant mommas. Celebrity bump day. Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Kourtney Kardashian’s and Jennifer Garner.

Carry those diapers in style. Drool-worthy diaper bags. Pregnancy and Baby.

Weird names are so 2011. Baby name trends 2012. What’s hot this year.

Parenting styles to the extreme. The Tiger Mom debate. Do you purr or growl at your kids?

There’s still need after Christmas. Giving back after the holidays. Teach your kids to give back all year long

Working mom-to-be. Sophisticated maternity style tips. Pregnancy Fashion.

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