KidZui: Making the internet kid-friendly

The internet can be a dangerous place for your kids. From malware and viruses to cyberbullies and sexual predators, you never know what’s lurking on the next website. It’s essential for your children’s safety that you supervise their internet activity.


Talk to your kids about internet safety and set up ground rules to make their web experience both fun and safe. Many programs are available with parental controls to help monitor your children’s online activities. KidZui aims to make your life a little easier with their kid-friendly web browser, content aggregator and new video series.

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KidZui offers a free kids’ web browser that make parents and teacher feel secure about what their kids are viewing on the web. And in Aug. 2011, the company launched — a content aggregator aimed at kids from 3 to 14 years old. This free website allows kids to search and explore over five million parent-approved websites, YouTube videos, games, images, homework tips and more.

Zui Buzz

KidZui recently announced they have launched a new video series — Buzz. The series, which is hosted by teens Lia Marie Johnson and Ty Desharnais, covers the hottest stories and trends for kids across the internet. If you haven’t heard of Johnson, you are one of the few. She has over 100,000 subscribers and over 20 million views on YouTube. The Kid Buzz series also features an accompanying side panel that contains links to all the topics covered in the video.

Other kids with massive YouTube draws also will be featured as “Zui Stars” on the website. These passionate kids have amazing talents they want to share with the world. Zui Stars provides the opportunity for viral video stardom without the kind of exposure that parents might fear. All the comments and video replies are screened by the KidZui content curation team of parents and teachers.

Now that is delving into original content development with Buzz, the sky is the limit in terms of what the site will be able to offer. So far, KidZui properties have been very well received. Last month, they tallied a total of 1.8 million unique users.

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