New Year’s Resolutions: Document the year 2012 in photos

Have you always wanted to take more pictures or document occasions better than you have in the past? What about organizing your memories? It’s a new year and the perfect time to put new systems in place.


You’ll be glad you followed through with this New Year’s resolution. With these photography and organizing tips and ideas, you’ll be able to easily look back at your precious memories from 2012.

Take more pictures

CameraIf you got a new camera for the holidays, put it to good use this year. The best reminder to take more pictures is to keep your camera on you at all times — in your purse or diaper bag, around your neck or around your wrist. If you keep your camera on you at all times, you’ll be more likely to catch your planned and unplanned moments at any given time. To take higher-quality pictures, take a photography class or check out a photography book from the library.

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Tip: The high-quality camera on a smart phone is also a great way to capture unexpected moments as you’re likely to have your phone with you at all times.

Another way to capture your family throughout the year is to schedule more photo sessions with a professional photographer. Come up with a plan and book your sessions in advance to make sure that you actually do it. Try for at least four sessions this year: one in spring, one in summer, one in fall and the last over the holidays. By getting professional pictures taken throughout the year, you’ll have pictures of the whole family together and be more likely to update the displayed frames in your home.

Tip: Use the summer or fall pictures for your holiday card.

Organizing photos

One of the best ways to organize your photos is to set up an online account. Shutterfly is just one online company that allows you to store photos in one easy place free of charge. It’s only if you decide to order prints, photo books and photo cards that you have to pay. Having all of your photos in one spot is important for organizational purposes, but being able to create cards and gifts from the same place is a bonus and makes life so much easier for busy moms.


Displaying pictures

Here are a few easy and fun ways to display your memories from 2012.

Photo BookPhoto books: Photo books are a great way to organize your family photos. There are a few ways to make photo books. You can order prints and slide them in a traditional photo book or you can create a digital photo book online, have it bound and printed and sent to you.

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Photo boxes: Like photo books, there are a few ways to store your photographs in boxes. Traditional photo boxes are good for organizing your printed pictures. Keep your pictures in a stackable box for easy storage. A memory box is perfect for documenting important events and family vacations. By placing pictures, souvenirs and other memorable items in the same box, you instantly create an everlasting memory.


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