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Best and worst kids’ movies of 2011, iPhone apps, school discipline and more

Looking for a quick overview of what’s new and hot from the past week at SheKnows Parenting? Check out our SheKnows Parenting week-in-review. From recent parenting news to can’t miss tips, it’s all here!

Happy Feet 2

Kids’ movies year-in-review. 7 Worst kids’ movies of 2011. Check out these bummers.

It wasn’t all bad! 7 Best kids’ movies of 2011. There were some great kids’ movies last year.

Fun, educational and more. Top iPhone apps for kids. Keep your little ones busy!

Consequences gone wrong. Kentucky school reportedly puts autistic boy in duffel bag. What in the world were the teachers thinking?

Who rocked the best bump? Cutest celebrity baby bumps of 2011. Beyonce, Hillary Duff, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Garner?

I will not buy oversized clothes. Maternity fashion resolutions for hip moms-to-be. Pregnancy Fashion.

Should your family receive the vaccines your new baby cannot? Doctors debate the benefits of vaccine cocooning. Smart or too costly?

Make your life easier. Best technology for parents of 2011. Night lights, baby monitors and more.

Working on routines. Back to school after winter break. Real Moms Guide.

Who names their child Bear Blu? Weirdest celebrity baby names of 2011. What in the world were they thinking?

Breastfeeding moms demonstrate in peace. Target experiences nationwide nurse-in. Nursing in public demonstration.

Need a laugh? The funniest mom blogs. Hold onto your sides.

Famous mamas who had their babies at home. Home birthing celebrities. This dad delivered his own baby!

We rounded ’em up. The hottest toys of 2011. Did your child get a Figit?

Famous baby bump watch. Celebrity Bump Day. Last week included the proud papas.

New research findings are a bummer. Exercise doesn’t prevent gestational diabetes. Pregnancy and Baby

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