5 Things you need to organize your child’s room

Out with the old, in with the new — especially when it comes to your child’s bedroom. With the holidays now behind us, your little one is sure to have received many new toys that need to find a home within his room.

Organized kid's room

If you’ve walked into your child’s room only to immediately turn around and walk out because you’re so overwhelmed by the clutter, take a deep breath. From solutions to toy storage dilemmas to ideas for decorating your child’s room in a more practical way, here are the five things you need to do not only to organize your child’s room, but to give it a fresh look for the new year.


Start at the bottom

Look at the room from your child’s point of view — literally. What works and what doesn’t? Think about this not only from your perspective but also from your child’s. Are things too high? Are shelves not practical? Is space being wasted? Once you take a look at the room with a fresh eye, it will be easier to determine what should stay and what should go. Which brings us to number two.



With new toys coming in, old toys are going to need to go out. Enlist your child’s help in this. Your son or daughter should be helping you decide what to put in the keep pile, what to put in the giveaway pile and what to throw straight into the trashcan. This can be a very time consuming process if you let it. So save yourself and your child frustration and lay some ground rules up front. For example, if it hasn’t been played with in x amount of months, it goes.



After spending so much money on presents during the holidays, this one might make you want to throw in the towel on the whole organization project. But don’t give up. Take a deep breath. There’s a possibility you already have the items and if you don’t, they won’t even come close to breaking the bank. To make a huge difference in your child’s room, you need just two things: drawer bins and hooks. Drawer bins are great because your child can fill them with toys then take them from his room to other rooms to play. Hooks are essential because hanging certain items can create additional space — space you may not have realized existed.



Grab your label maker and go! Labeling drawers, bins and boxes is a great way to help your child keep his room organized. Not to mention it will help you when you can’t remember where something goes. From books to art supplies to Legos, everything will have its place. And the room will look a lot neater as a result.

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Even after you organize, there might not be room for everything in that keep pile. But that doesn’t mean it has to go. Help your child decide what he wants to play with for the next several months. Everything else can be put in storage bin. In a few months, grab that storage bin and rotate his toys again. As he most likely will have forgotten about a lot of the things he placed in the storage bin, it will be like Christmas all over again when he opens it.

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