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Alternatives to piercing kids’ ears

Just because you’ve opted to wait to pierce your little girl’s ears doesn’t mean you can’t still adorn her lobes with a little bling! From temporary tattoo-style earrings to accessories, discover alternatives to piercing kids’ ears at any age.

Alternatives to pierced ears

Temporary tattoo-style earrings

Piercing can hurt, so seek out a pain-free option for adorning your kiddo’s ears like bINK’D temporary tattoo-style earrings that last between four and seven days and are just as cute. “My husband is adamant that the decision needs to be made by our kids when they are old enough to understand the permanence and the care involved in getting your ears pierced, so we wanted to create the look of piercing without having the commitment,” shares Cara Rybarik, mother and President of bINK’D Temporary Tattoo Earrings. “I sought out a manufacturer that used all vegetable based inks and is easy on the skin for application and removal.” This alternative to pierced ears is appropriate for kids of any age, from newborn to teens.

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Body jewels

Preschool and grade school-aged kids can sparkle with just as much brilliance when you go for self-sticking body jewels. In tons of colors, shapes and sizes, they give the appearance of real pierced ears because of their dimension and shine. When you find some you like, pick up a pack because body jewels, regardless of where you place them on your sweetie pie, are likely to last about a day.

Clip-on earrings

Best for tweens and teens, good old-fashioned clip-on earrings still do the trick. Some do complain, however, that they can be a little uncomfortable, so your youngster can either gradually get used to them or sport these pierced ear alternatives for short periods of time. Clip-on earrings are also a great option for youngsters looking to add a second set of earrings to already-pierced ears.

Slip on earrings

Similar to clip-on earrings without the pinch, slip on earrings, like the ones at, uses your ear’s indent just above the earlobe to secure a hoop. Your little one can wear the hoop by itself or embellish with one of hundreds of dangles that slip onto the hoop.

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Ditch the idea of decorating your little one’s lobes all together and adorn her in other accessories that attract more attention. A big bow or fun hair flower not only packs a lot more punch than tiny jewels on your daughter’s ears, but are also pain free and can be changed easily.

When choosing alternatives to piercing kids’ ears, use your child’s age as a guide to avoid choking hazards and maximize the wear of each kids’ jewelry option. However, if you do choose to go with pierced ears, ask your pediatrician if they offer piercing services in the doctor’s office to ensure that your youngster’s little lobes are handled under the most sterile conditions.

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