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Matching Christmas pajamas for the entire family

OK, fess up, moms! Do you buy your entire family matching pajamas for the holidays? Check out these hilarious holiday pajamas that your entire family can sport this year, along with thoughts from real moms who are on both sides of the matching pajamas fence.

Twin brothers in matching Christmas pajamas

Moms who love them

A self-proclaimed sucker for pajama fun, mom of two in Seattle, Dana, says that she absolutely gets matching pajamas for her kids — and for her husband and herself when she can find the same ones in adult sizes as well.

Tara, a Los Angeles mom to a 2-year-old, shares that even her mom and sister join in the matching pajama craziness. They’ve been busting out the matching Christmas pajamas for the past three years now.

Moms who just say no

On the other side of the matching pajama scene, Kelli tells SheKnows that her own mother has been making her wear matching Christmas pajamas since she was a child and even now, Kelli’s mom insists on matching pajamas for the entire family on Christmas morning. Oh, and they have to pose for a family picture. As soon as that picture has been snapped, Kelli promptly changes her clothes.

Angie, a mom of three, agrees that matching pajamas for the entire family are just too much. And she adds, “If you’re going to put your husband in pajamas with penguins on them, at least don’t post them on Facebook for the world to see.”

Matching holiday pajamas for every family

No matter what side of the matching family pajamas debate you’re on, there’s no denying that there are some hilarious matching family pajamas out there and, lucky for you, we’ve found some of the best for this holiday season.

Are you still potty training?

Still have a potty training child in your family this holiday season and don’t want them to struggle getting in and out of tricky pajamas to get to the potty in time? Don’t worry any longer — the Red Dropseat Pajamas (PajamaGram, $26 and up) are the perfect solution. Your potty trainer won’t feel left out with these easy-access pajamas, available for the entire family!

Don’t leave Fido out

You’re buying matching holiday pajamas for the entire family — might as well include the dog in the fun, too! The North Pole Family Pajamas (The Company Store, $14 and up) will make sure that Fido doesn’t feel left out on Christmas Eve when everyone else is donning their matching PJs.

For families who insist on footie pajamas

If your motto is to go big or go home when it comes to matching holiday pajamas, you must make sure that those pajamas have feet on them. Thankfully, Etsy comes through with this pattern for One Piece Family Pajamas with Booties and a Hood (U Can Make This, $4). Pick your favorite holiday fabric and create the perfect pair of PJs for everyone in the family.

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