How to create a winter garden with kids

In the spring and summer, kids love helping out in the garden with vegetables and flowers. However, when winter rolls around, it can be difficult to keep your children interested in gardening. Follow these tips to create a winter garden and get your kids excited about gardening.

Window garden during the winter

Make a windowsill garden

The snow or cold temperatures outside might make it impossible to plant anything in your outdoor garden right now. So instead, bring things indoors with a winter windowsill garden. Find a window in your house that gets some direct sunlight, grab a few containers of soil and get to work. An indoor herb garden is perfect for the windowsill and herbs are easy to grow. You can also grow many veggies indoors in window boxes.

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Choose durable plants

Even in freezing weather, some plants can withstand the low temperatures. If your garden area is looking drab, add some evergreen trees (maple, birch or pine) or shrubs (boxwoods or junipers), or liven up the space with some hardy grass or berry bushes.

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Visit your local garden center

Your neighborhood garden center probably offers some kid-friendly activities and events all year round. Many of these centers host monthly gardening workshops or clubs for children. Kids can learn about gardening as well as how to build a birdhouse or make a terrarium. At the gardening store, you can also buy seeds and start to grow plants indoors now that can be transplanted outside after the last frost. The staff at the gardening center will be able to pick out which seeds to start right now.

Create a worm farm

Teach kids about the importance of other aspects of gardening — like worms. You can create a worm farm by lining a large cardboard box with a plastic trash bag. Fill it with soil and a couple of worms. Your kids should add kitchen scraps (vegetables) to the box every day. Keep the worm farm in a shady area ensure it stays moist, but not sopping wet. A worm farm is a fun way to create valuable compost for your garden.

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Start early next year

No matter where you live, you can find vegetables that will grow outdoors in the wintertime. Start your winter garden in the late summer or early fall, preferably in a south-facing area of your yard. You want to find a gardening spot that is shielded from the elements by a fence, wall or your house. You can also build a cold frame (a miniature greenhouse) to protect your garden in the winter. By starting early, your kids will be able to harvest vegetables and enjoy plants all winter long.

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