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5 Fun holiday staycations

Sometimes the most fun can be had at home or close to it. If you’re homebound this holiday, splurge on a fun staycation for the whole family!

Staycation at hotel

Stay at a hotel in your own city

You don’t have to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to feel like you’ve had a proper getaway for the holidays. Simply booking a hotel room even just a short distance from home can serve as a great vacation — sans the lengthy travel! Whether it’s just you, you and your spouse or the entire family, breaking your regular routine can be relaxing, restful and reinvigorating. And you don’t have to worry about making the beds!

See the local holiday sights

Put some hot cocoa in a thermos, wrap yourself in a festive scarf and head out for a day of seeing the local holiday sights in your town — whether it’s ice skating at an outdoor ice rink, taking a holiday light tour, visiting Santa Claus or all of the above. Go to your city’s official website to research fun holiday activities to participate in this holiday season right in your own backyard. By becoming a tourist in your own town, you can discover all sorts of new things in your area.

Have a seasonal spa day

Instead of a girls’ night out, host a girls’ day in! After all, Mama needs a break too! Transform your home into a spa for the day and invite the girls over for some homemade holiday pampering. Serve up peppermint-inspired cocktails while you enjoy DIY manicures, pedicures and facials — and temporarily forget about those looming last-minute holiday shopping lists.

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Host a holiday-themed movie night

Pop some popcorn, make apple cider and have a holiday themed movie marathon with your family. Let each person in the family pick a movie to watch, get cozy in front of the fire and enjoy one Christmas movie after the next. This is a great way to share with your children the movies you enjoyed watching when you were a child. Do I hear a new holiday tradition in the making?

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Party in the snow

Transform your backyard into a winter wonderland by hanging lights and getting some fun decorations for an outdoor-themed holiday party. Invite your friends and family over to roast marshmallows over the fire pit, drink something warm and enjoy being together during the holidays. Add even more fun by making holiday-themed costumes required (even a pair of antlers will do), have a gag gift exchange and host a snowman building contest.

It might be your budget, it could be a lack of time or maybe you just don’t feel like traveling. Whatever the reason for wanting to stay close to home, there’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned staycation during the holidays.

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