Holiday gifts for kids that inspire the imagination

These creative holiday gifts will encourage and inspire your child’s imagination and provide endless hours of entertainment.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Blocks inspire the imagination, help develop motor skills and are a whole lot of fun for little ones. Tegu created these amazing magnetic wooden building blocks (, $30 and up) to inspire your child’s inner architect. Tegu’s factory was established in Honduras where they provide real jobs for the local people, harvest wood responsibly and give back to schools and other organizations in the area.

Georello Tech Set

Georello Tech Set

Stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination while teaching simple mechanics and spatial skills. The 266-piece set features everything your child needs to build amazing three-dimensional structures. The universal joint system allows structures to connect diagonally and on different planes. The Georello Tech Gear Set (Toys “R” Us, $45) is sure to be a hit with your kids this holiday season.

Color Me Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard playhouse

Your kids will love to color and paint their make-believe home. Discovery Kids Color Me Cardboard Playhouse (Meijer, $17) is a 100-percent recyclable cardboard playhouse that is easy to assemble and folds up for convenience. Kids will enjoy decorating, personalizing and playing in this fun playhouse. It combines art and pretend play in one affordable gift.

Once Upon a Treehouse Collection

Once Upon a Treehouse Dolls

Every child would love a dollhouse where they can create an imaginary world of little friends. You’ll adore the Once Upon a Treehouse collection of dollhouses, dolls, furniture, clothing, pets and other accessories. The handmade, durable and safe products are made with love and care. And the results are oh-so-cute! What’s cool is that for every doll they sell, they give away one doll to a child in need.

Fortamajig Connectables


Kids can build elaborate forts with these colorful and durable nylon ripstop panels. Each pack of Fortamajig Connectables (Amazon Prime, $80) comes with six multi-colored 33-inch squares and two rectangles that are 58 inches long, both of which have extra loops for expandability.

Step 2 50’s Diner

50's diner

Take the play kitchen to the next level with this classic retro diner. The play diner features an oven, grill, fryer and sink. Plus, there’s a jukebox that plays tunes from the 1950s. The Step 2 50’s Diner (Target, $143) also includes dozens of accessories.

Sometimes the best gifts to inspire the imagination aren’t found at the store.

Create crafting bins

Set up crafting stations where kids can get creative with different art projects and craft activities. For example, create a “Make your own puppet” bin filled with colorful old socks, fabric scraps, ribbons, buttons, glue and other items for kids to create custom sock puppets. Put together another bin for collage or mosaic making. Place scraps of construction paper, old greeting cards, scraps of wrapping paper, paint chips and other supplies for your kids to make colorful collages, mosaics and other art work.

Plan mini field trips

Give your kids the gift of a family day each week. Take mini field trips to explore your city and surrounding areas. Be sure to plan nature walks where they can collect acorns, leaves, rocks, shells and other items. They can display their collections or put them to use in arts and crafts projects at home. Take advantage of free festivals and other activities for your family where kids can learn, explore and get inspired.

Make it a construction day

Encourage your children’s imaginations and architectural skills by providing them with what they need to build and build all day long. Whether it’s cardboard boxes for creating a house or wooden craft sticks and glue to build a mini village, you don’t need much to get your child’s creative juices flowing. From toddlers to tweens, all kids — both boys and girls — love to build and create.

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