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Making a holiday birthday special

Holiday birthdays can be hard to plan and even harder on your wallet. Making your child’s birthday special and all about her — and less about the craziness of the holiday — is important, so try these simple suggestions to make your kiddo’s holiday birthday memorable.

kids holiday birthday

A non-holiday birthday party

  • Plan your child’s birthday celebration on or as close to his or her birthday as possible. By doing this, your child’s special day won’t get lost in the mix and mayhem of the holiday hustle and bustle and it will make your child feel special.
  • Get as far away from a holiday theme as you possibly can. Don’t incorporate holiday colors, images, music or even candy into your child’s celebration. Instead, stick to your child’s favorite non-holiday character, theme or activity.

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A different kind of birthday party

  • Planning a birthday party close to the holidays can be difficult due to school breaks, traveling and holiday parties. Try a different approach to a traditional birthday party by inviting a few friends to spend the day at an amusement park, live show, concert or special event.
  • If your child’s birthday falls on an actual holiday — or very close to it — consider planning two celebrations. Plan one party with close friends and family on or around your child’s birthday, and the other with your child’s friends a week or two before or after the actual date.
  • Even if you have a party planned, consider making your child’s actual birthday all about him or her. Prepare your child’s favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner, take your child to a movie, and surprise him or her with a trip to the ice cream store. Basically, just make it a memorable day for your child.
  • If possible, plan your child’s party on a weekday or weeknight. A lot of people have set plans every weekend from the end of November to the end of December.

Tip: Take your older child on a shopping spree to pick out his or her own gifts. This is a good way to take advantage of all the holiday sales and use any money that your child might receive as a birthday gift.

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Manage your money wisely for your child’s holiday birthday

  • Buy your child’s birthday present a few months before starting your holiday shopping. Keep the receipt in case your child has lost interest in the item you purchased by the time her birthday rolls around so you are able to exchange or return it without having to spend additional money.
  • Put a small amount of money away each month so you have a special birthday fund for your child. This money can be used towards a gift, a party or anything else related to your child’s birthday.

Holiday birthday no-no’s

  • Don’t combine your child’s birthday and holiday present and ask that your family do the same.
  • Don’t plan your child’s birthday party with short notice. Give your partygoers enough time to schedule and plan for the party.
  • Don’t wrap your child’s gifts in holiday paper.

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