Angelic Baby Names for Your Little Angel (Fingers Crossed)

Names with angelic meanings

The following baby names are unique and lovely — and they all have “angelic” meanings.

  • Aingeal: Irish girl name meaning “angel”
  • Erela: Hebrew girl name meaning “angel”
  • Erelah: Hebrew girl name meaning “angel”
  • Malayeka: Arabic girl name meaning “angel”
  • D’Angelo: Italian boy name meaning “from the angel”
  • Engelbert: German boy name meaning “bright as an angel”
  • Serafim: Hebrew boy name meaning “an angel-like being”
  • Seraphina: Hebrew girl name meaning “fiery-winged”
  • Angelique: French girl name meaning “like an angel”
  • Faida: Icelandic girl name meaning “wings that are folded”
  • Evangeline: Greek girl name meaning “bringer of good news”

Famous angels in movies

Some of our most beloved characters are angels in movies and TV shows. Here are just a few of our favorites.

A version of this story was originally published in December 2011.

For more inspiration, what about a baby name inspired by their zodiac sign?


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