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7 Ways to sneak in couples’ time during the holidays

Between holiday errands and your children’s school performances, it can be easy for your relationship to get put on the back burner during the hectic holiday season. So, what are you to do when you want to fit in some couples time sans kids? From quick and easy date night ideas to seven ways to sneak in couples’ time during the holidays, finding time alone with your man can be first on your wish list this holiday season.

couple wrapping christmas gifts together

Wrap presents together

Any excuse to shut the door can equal time alone with your man. When family comes to visit or when you go traveling to a friend’s house with your kids, grab your guy and your holiday gifts and wrap presents for at least 30 minutes.

Go Christmas shopping

Fulfill your kids’ Christmas wish list while spending time alone with your partner on a shopping excursion for two. Grab coffee or desert after picking out presents for your children together for a mini date night opportunity.

Sneak in a quickie

“Brief sexual encounters that are great fun when you’re pressed for time,” advises Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., psychotherapist and author. “Quickies or morning heavy petting can make the whole day more exciting.”

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Assemble gifts

Even when in the comfort of your own home, stealing time alone is possible once the kiddies are tucked soundly in bed. Turn off the tube and ignore your email to put together your kids’ new bicycle and talk about your day.

Have breakfast or lunch

Date night doesn’t only have to occur after the sun goes down. Finding a babysitter during the holidays may be easier when you plan your couples’ time during the day.

Hit the gym

Get fit and destress during holiday chaos by going to the gym together. Choose a gym with a kids’ club so you can both go and pump up those feel-good endorphins together.

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Put the kids to bed early

Even if only 15 minutes ahead of schedule, sending your little ones off to dream land a little early during the holidays can equal valuable time alone with your honey. Give each other a massage, indulge in a holiday-scented bubble bath for two or simply talk about the two of you without interruption.

“There is nothing more important in our lives than our relationship with our partners,” guides Alisa Ruby Bash, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Beverly Hills, California. “Like anything in life worth having, we must continue to recommit to our relationship by doing the work every day. That means continuing to grow together by putting the time in for romance,” even during the hectic holiday season. So, skip the elaborate date night, pick one of these seven ways to sneak in couples’ time during the holidays and cash in on some time alone with your partner any way you can!

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