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Global Holiday Traditions You Can Celebrate With Your Kids

Ta Chiu in Hong Kong

Ta Chiu is a winter festival that takes place December 27 prior to the Chinese New Year celebrations in February. Ta Chiu is a Taoist holiday, and on this day people in Hong Kong pray to the gods and ghosts of their ancestors, asking them to fulfill wishes for the next year. Priests read aloud the names of every person at the celebration and then attach a list of names to a paper horse and set it on fire. The smoke carries the names up to the gods and the living will be remembered.

Christmas in France

In France, Christmas is called Noel. And though there are many similarities to Christmas in the U.S. (Pere Noel, aka Father Christmas, makes home visits with gifts) there are also differences. On Christmas Eve, for example, French kids leave their shoes by the fireplace to be filled with fruits, nuts and small toys overnight. Nearly every home has a Nativity Scene, which serves as the focal point of decoration and celebration, just as the Christmas tree does in U.S. homes.

Christmas in Alaska

Christmas traditions in Alaska are similar to the rest of the Unites States, but there are a few unique differences that make an Alaskan Christmas special. For example, children go caroling with a long pole topped by a colored star. Songs sung in the home often include the Aleut words “Gristuusaaq suu’uq,” which mean “Christ is born.” The closing words, “Mnogaya leta,” mean, “God grant you many years.” Treats may include cookies, doughnuts, and cake, as well as fish pie called piruk and smoked salmon.

Holiday traditions from around the world


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