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Traditonal names for babies born close to Christmas

From names inspired by the story of the first Christmas to traditional biblical names with spiritual meanings, there are plenty of creative ways to honor the birth month of your December baby boy or girl.

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Names inspired by the first Christmas

Check out these baby names inspired by this story of the first Christmas.

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Names of the Magi

You can also consider the names of the Magi, which could be a cool theme if you are searching for spiritual Christmas names for multiples or siblings.

Baby names with special Christmas meanings

The following baby names are not only unique, but also have spiritual meanings from the original Christmas story.

  • Aurelio: Spanish boy name meaning “gold” (one of the gifts given to Jesus)
  • Ketura: Hebrew girl name meaning “incense” (one of the gifts given to Jesus)
  • Noel: French name meaning “Christmas”
  • Eve: Hebrew name meaning “life”
  • Estella: French girl name meaning “star”
  • Natala: Italian girl name meaning “born at Christmas”
  • Yule: English boy name meaning “born at Christmas”
  • Gabriel: Hebrew name meaning “man of God”
  • Nordica: German girl name meaning “from the north” — inspired by the North Star
  • Tosha: English name meaning “born at Christmas”
  • Christobel (boy) or Christabel (girl): English names meaning “followers of Christ”
  • Seraphina: Hebrew name meaning “powerful angel”

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Traditional biblical names

These never go out of style and are great for parents searching for a classic name that captures the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas-inspired names

Maybe you’d prefer a name inspired by the season?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Farley Baricuatro/Getty Images

Originally published December 2015. Updated December 2016.

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