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Christmas crafts for kids

Keep your kids busy while you deck the halls and bake the cookies with these easy Christmas crafts. The good news: you don’t have to spend a fortune to make these Christmas crafts come to life.

Christmas crafts for kids

Carols in the air and children underfoot — how can you keep your littlest elves busy as you get your home ready for the holiday? These Christmas craft ideas should do the trick.

‘Tis the season

Nothing says countdown to Christmas like an advent calendar. Support the artists among us by snatching up a few of these affordable advent calendar kits on Etsy. Or create your own. Invest in a large poster board. Using a rubber stamp of Santa, a candy cane or other appropriate Christmas symbol, show your kids how to stamp out each numbered day of the month. Then cover each number with a square of construction paper to be removed as the days of December pass.

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Here comes Suzy Snowflake

Kid-friendly scissors and plain white paper are your starting point for crafting a snowflake. Fold the paper in half, then fold the right side of the paper over at a 60 degree angle and follow with the left side (this will ultimately give you your six-point snowflake shape). You’ll have a triangle with “tails.”

Cut off the edges of your shape in an arc — this leaves you with a pie-shaped chunk of paper. Cut small pieces of your pie slice away then carefully unfold your snowflake. Extra points for this Christmas craft: Glue a piece of colored tissue paper to the back of the snowflake and hang it in a bright window.

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A Christmas craft for your little angel

Is your little lady big on making her own jewelry? Encourage her to think outside the box at this time of year. She can take those beaded, braided or otherwise created strands for her necklaces and bracelets and turn them into Christmas ornaments (decorate a plain foam ball), festive tree garland (perhaps even the star on top?) or embellishments for wrapped packages.

A Christmas craft for the reluctant crafter

Have a young man in your home who would rather smash his dump trucks together than work with crafty stuff? Give him an appealing and easy Christmas craft idea: If he doesn’t decorate his own stocking, Santa may neglect to leave him any stocking stuffers! And any kid, boy or girl, will love to proudly plaster his or her name on a stocking using glue, glitter or puffy paint.

All-in-one craft materials

Don’t consider yourself the craftiest of parents? No worries. The BabbaBox has everything you need for easy Christmas crafts and beyond. This theme-based subscription box is delivered to your door monthly and includes all the materials needed to create, explore, story tell and connect.

This isn’t only ideal for Christmas crafts — it’s months and months worth of ideas to keep your kids busy and engaged. Says BabbaCo founder Jessica Kim, “Kids remember what they do rather than the things they get. I love crafts and projects done together because those are the times they grow up remembering.”

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