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Christmas crafts to display in kids’ rooms

Sometimes Christmas doesn’t extend past the main living areas of your house, but holiday decorations have a place in your children’s havens, too. Here are ideas for Christmas crafts and holiday decorations to display in your kids’ rooms so you can spread a little more cheer throughout your home.

christmas crafts

Whether your home has a peaceful nursery or kids’ rooms that are hubs of activity, there’s no reason you can’t bring the spirit of the season into your child’s personal living space. Try these six Christmas crafts and holiday decorations to make your child’s Christmas all the merrier.

O (little) Tannenbaum

Kind of particular about how your evergreen is decked out in the family room? Get your little one a fake pre-lit mini-tree for their room. They can decorate it as they please with existing ornaments or, to keep them even busier, give them a supply of Christmas crafts so they can create their own dazzling danglers. Bonus: Those twinkle lights make a nice nightlight!

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Christmas today, different tomorrow

If your child has an especially bare wall in their room, that might be just the place for holiday-themed wall decals. Or pick up a colorful collection of shapes, animals or even video game characters from a company like Blik so they can build their own abstract-looking Christmas tree. When it’s time to take down the holiday decorations, movable wall decals can be transformed into a new art form for your child’s room.

Countdown to Christmas

Advent calendars are one of the best things to help create anticipation for Christmas and Santa’s visit. You can find pop-up versions that tell the story of Christmas or one-time use calendars that offer a tiny gift or piece of candy behind each window (there is even a Star Wars-themed advent calendar!). If you’re feeling especially artsy, create this Christmas craft out of fabric with a button or pocket to hold a moving bear or Santa Claus as a festive countdown to Christmas.

Hangin’ around

One thing kids teach us is to have a different perspective on life. So look up and decorate high — on the ceiling, chandelier, light fixture or fan (you’re probably not using it at this time of year anyway). Use the fixtures to hang ornaments, Christmas lights, construction paper chains or other Christmas crafts and your kids are sure to have sugarplum fairies dancing through their heads every night of December.

Cover up your head

Want your little ones to have even sweeter dreams? Invest in some festive Christmas bedding, like a Santa Claus quilt or pillows covered in characters from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If you want to make sure this purchase is versatile throughout the year, go with solid colors of green, red and white so you can mix and match with other items in your kids’ rooms later on, or even shift the bedding to another room entirely.

Keep an eye on things

One last holiday decoration that’s sure to have your kids on their best behavior for Dec. 25? The Elf on the Shelf. He can pop up throughout the house — but his presence may be most effective when he appears in your kids’ rooms, keeping a close eye on their activities and reporting back to Santa.

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