Cold weather gear that your kids will love

What parent doesn’t struggle with their kids to put on warm clothes when the weather is cold? With this cold weather gear, they’ll jump at the chance to get ready to go outside! From mittens to scarves to hats, here are five fun pieces to keep your little ones warm — while still having fun — this winter.

Lumbering Lumberjack Hat from Etsy

For a little guy who isn’t keen on wearing both a hat and scarf to keep warm on those bitter cold days, check out this cheeky Lumbering Lumberjack Hat ($37) available on Etsy. The hat and beard portion are two separate knit pieces that connect easily with a little button so that your little lumberjack can take the beard on and off as he (or she!) pleases. Plus, this set is completely customizable — pick your stripe colors, beard colors, size and more. Psst — it’s also available in adult sizes!

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cold weather gear lumberjack hat

Fleece Mohawk Hat from GAP

You’re going to win major mom points for picking up one of these Fleece Mohawk Hats ($13) from GAP. Not only is it super soft and warm with ear flaps to keep his ears toasty on chilly days, but it comes in four hot prints to go with the ‘hawk, including rock star guitars, skulls and snowboards. Our suggestion: if this is a hat he loves and is happy to wear, pick up a few colors and in a few sizes to last for winters to come!

cold weather gear mohawk hat

UGG Bailey Bow Boots from Chasing Fireflies

Moms of girls who refuse to wear anything but glittery ballet flats all year round are going to be so excited about the UGG Bailey Bow Boots ($120), available from Chasing Fireflies. Those pretty little satin bows on the back of these hot pink boots will completely distract your girly girl from the fact that these are actually super warm boots for the coldest winter weather. Surely, these must be the boots that ballerinas wear in the snow? Right? (wink, wink!)

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Repurposed Sweater Animal Scarves from Uncommon Goods

It’s tricky to get little ones to wear scarves, but on these cold days, keeping their necks and chins warm is necessary. These adorable Repurposed Sweater Animal Scarves ($35) from Uncommon Goods will easily have them running to wrap a scarf around their neck this winter! Pick from a bunny, dog or frog to bundle up with — each is handmade using thrifted sweaters from the Toronto area. And, at just 5.5 inches wide, they are the perfect fit without all of the extra bulk that drives kids crazy.

cold weather gear animal scarves

Zany Black Arm Warmers from Little Miss Matched

Matching is so last winter — especially if you’re a stylish little girl! She will go zany over these Zany Black Arm Warmers ($13) from Little Miss Matched. They come in a set of three — each arm warmer with a different pattern (polka dots, stripes and stars), so that she can mix-and-match two arm warmers, creating a new combination every day. Little Miss Matched has a ton of other funky accessories to keep her warm this winter, too. Be sure to check out their website for more options.

cold weather gear arm warmers

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