Kendall Jenner’s $90K ride, Miley Cyrus’ body confidence, a crazy co-sleeping campaign and more

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Kendall Jenner gets a new car. Kendall Jenner’s $90,000 Sweet 16 gift. Was her sweet ride too much?

Parenting controversy. Co-sleeping: The equivalent of putting your baby to bed with a butcher knife? Sleep safety campaign goes too far.

Reduce holiday stress with your iPhone. Free iPad apps to help moms cope with the holidays. Black Friday: there’s an app for that.

Famous moms and childbirth. Celebrity Moms: Christy Turlington Burns. More Business of Being Born.

The holidays are a great time for pics. 10 Family photo opportunities. Angles, smiles, scenes and more.

Where are girls learning life lessons? New Girl Scout research exposes the impact of reality TV on tween and teen girls. It’s not all bad.

When will society stop criticizing a girl’s appearance? Miley Cyrus speaks out on weight, body issues. The effect of media on kids’ body image.

It’s National Adoption Month. Katherine Heigl offers adoption advice. Celebrity Pregnancy.

Talk turkey! Thanksgiving 2011: Create memories with your kids this year. Start a lasting tradition.

A mom is admonished by a judge for breastfeeding in court. Is breastfeeding in public still unacceptable? Real moms weigh in.

What better way to induce labor than dancing? Let’s Get it Started… birth, that is. Pregnancy and Baby blog.

It’s almost time… Best places to shop for toys on Black Friday 2011. Score a deal on Black Friday.

Politics get in the way of kids getting a good lunch. Congress resists healthy school lunches. Since when is pizza sauce a vegetable?


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