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Funniest mom blogs

These five moms will crack you up and have you laughing out loud — what they write is so funny ’cause it’s true. Motherhood can be one really long comedy sketch, and we’re all waiting for the punch line.

best mom blogs

Brittany Gibbons

Brittany Gibbons

Why we love this blog: She is freaking hilarious.

Brittany Gibbons has three kids, a suspiciously passive husband and a seriously funny way with words. She’s a giver alright, and her blog doesn’t hold anything back.

Brittany can definitely be on the colorful side when it comes to language and body parts, but the way she reenacts the stories of everyday mom life, mentions blood or shares emails that she’s sent to her husband will have you crossing your legs (for one reason or another). Every post is a winner.

Ann’s Rants

Anns Rants

Why we love this blog: Ann takes motherhood and humor to comedy show level and is happy to take you along for the ride.

Ann Imig pens the side-splitter Ann’s Rants as a stay-at-home-humorist and mom of two boys. She’s super funny and she has the resume to prove it — she’s been featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, College Humor, Funny Not Slutty and various other humor and writing websites.

Readers can expect just a handful of posts each month, but they are always worth the wait and then some. Her self conscious writings will make you think she’s in your head, and her posts written as The Middle School Columnist or The Prayer for Anthropologie might have you thinking she really did get in your head.



Why we love this blog: We all wish we’d written down every funny things our kids said — Smacksy allows moms to live vicariously and laugh on.

In small, bite-sized doses Lisa Page Rosenberg writes about her life as a mom to a preschooler named Bob. Her blog Smacksy makes you wish you had a family as funny as hers.

Sometimes it’s just in a picture, many times she shares an actual conversation with Bob and all times you crack up at the clever kid and his amazing mom. Imagine Kids Say the Darndest Things times a hundred. That’s Bob. Lisa’s friends and readers are thankful she shares those gems with us all.

Raising Colorado

Raising Colorado

Why we love this blog: She has a very rare gift in making light of the situation while never taking away from its significance. And she is just so funny.

Zakary W. writes one of the funniest mom blogs in all the land at Raising Colorado. She’s mom to Zoe and Troy, and is also a part-time bartender.

Zakary makes fun of things that normally aren’t all that humorous, like diabetes for example, but the way she turns a phrase will take you from sympathy to complete laughter. We all know that’s the best medicine after all. She also has this strange obsession with Asians and squirrels. You’ll just have to read her blog to figure that one out.

Five Kids Is A Lot of Kids

Five Kids Is A Lot of Kids

Why we love this blog: Five Kids is a Lot of Kids keeps it real and inspires moms just as much as it makes them laugh and nod their head — it’s so funny ’cause it’s true.

Beth’s blog address says Put Down The Urinal Cake! With five kids (some adopted, some not), she definitely has found the humor in life and admits she hopes to raise them to be self sufficient enough to pay for their own counseling. She blogs at Five Kids is A Lot of Kids and warns you right away that she’s gonna tell the truth.

With a smart and witty take on life with five children, including those with special needs, Beth views the parenting journey as bumpy yet always entertaining. She shares the truth about motherhood, but be sure to listen for that laugh track.

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