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4 Reasons you should use video surveillance at home

You protect your house from intruders when you’re away, but did you know you can use the same technology to keep your kids safe when they’re at home? From keeping tabs on your kids with webcams while playing to spying on your sleeping baby without waking her, uncover four reasons why you should use video surveillance at home.

baby video monitor

Types of surveillance systems

When it comes to watching your home inside or out, there are many types of devices that will let you keep a watchful eye on your family. “Security surveillance systems fall into four general categories:  baby monitors, repurposed products you already own like webcams, security surveillance systems, and digital alert systems,” explains Logitech product manager Alex Zaliauskas. What are the benefits of keeping a watchful eye?

Know when kids get home from school

When you’re at work, knowing when your children come home from school can give you peace of mind knowing they’re safe. Some security systems such as Schlage LiNK can alert you via email or text when your children arrive safely at home, allowing you to see for yourself that they are walking in the door when coupled with an optional Schlage webcam.

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Survey the babysitter

Wondering whether your new babysitter is doing her job when watching your little ones? Webcams and nanny cams let you check in on your youngsters and know that everything is under control at home. Live streaming, motion-sensing technology and internet accessibility allow you watch the action or view recorded videos when you return home.

Keep tabs on activities in your home

Thanks to wireless, do-it-yourself surveillance products, knowing what your kids are up to is simple to install and easy to use. Products such as Logitech Alert let you watch live video streaming over the internet or your mobile phone so you can see if your youngsters have friends over when you’re not home, see your kids playing in another room and more. “We are finding that even those buying the Logitech Alert surveillance systems for security uses are reverting to more common uses like watching their kids playing in the back yard,” says Zaliauskas.

Check on your sleeping baby

You can spring for an expensive video baby monitor, but wireless video surveillance systems and some webcams can be used for the same purpose. Seeing your child sleep soundly can help you avoid waking your bundle of joy just to see if he’s resting peacefully.

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Whether you’re home or away, or using a webcam or a high-end security system, it’s easier than ever to have peace of mind that your family is safe.

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