Stroller snob moms

Whether you’re on the hunt for this year’s hottest stroller, want the best of the best for your baby or want to show off your style — and ahem, a high price tag — just know, you’re not alone.


Wanting the best for baby

There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your baby — especially when he or she is too young to even understand the word, right? And there’s something about wanting the best for your baby, no matter the price of your stroller.

There’s also something about grandma and grandpa spoiling their precious grand baby with nice things — like strollers. And thanks to the “nice salesman” at the local high-end baby boutique telling grandma and grandpa which strollers are the hottest on the market and what they can do — basically everything just short of sprouting wings and flying — your baby could end up with some pretty expensive wheels.

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Copying celebrities

Celebrities are influential about many things so when they walk around with a cool new stroller, chances are we also fall in love with it. Celebrities and their tots are usually in-the-know and fashion-forward with many things, including baby gear. They have a way of making things look good and because we all read and watch the celebrity news, it becomes the newest mommy must-have thanks to their Jedi mind tricks. At least I keep telling myself that.

Excuses, excuses

Have you heard the excuse: “I need a different stroller for different reasons”? I have and I’ve used it. I’ve also found myself with multiple strollers hanging around only to have my husband question my sanity. He still didn’t get it even after I explained to him that I need one to travel with, one for every day use and one for exercise.

Another popular excuse: “I just don’t like this feature… or I need more of that feature” and so we search for something better, something that appeals to our needs and wants, and let’s face it, our needs and wants not only change after having a baby, they change as the baby grows, too.

Stephanie, a mom of two girls, found herself dabbling in the world of stroller snobbery when she caught herself sizing up all the other strollers at the park: “I found some that were way more stylish and much more practical… so I sold mine online to justify buying the one I really wanted.” This action led to three more stroller flips and, according to Stephanie, she would do it again: “…if I happen to find a stroller better than the one I currently have.”

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