Thoughtful ways to help new moms after baby arrives

When you have a newborn in the house, there is always more work to be done than seems humanly possible. Looking for some practical ways to support a new mom after her baby arrives? Check out these helpful tips and ease the transition into motherhood.

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The baby shower is over. New moms don’t need balloons, stuffed animals or a million more onesies. What they need is practical support in their daily life. The transition into motherhood is exciting and wonderful, but it’s also challenging and intense. Looking for some ways to support your friends during their first few weeks postpartum? We’ve got you covered.

Bring a home cooked meal

There is nothing that says love to a new mom like a warm, home cooked meal. You brought dessert, too? Be careful. Mama might try and make you her sister-wife.

Offer to babysit

Nursing your newborn with a 2-year-old trying to scale you like a jungle gym isn’t easy. It’s normal for older siblings to have a little jealousy when baby arrives. But that doesn’t mean that it’s any easier for mom, who has to find a way to give attention to everyone. And then some.

If your friend has older children, one of the best ways to support her is to offer to babysit so she can sleep and bond with her newborn. If she doesn’t feel comfortable with you leaving the house, bring some fun kid-friendly activities and let her sleep while you play with her kids.

Clean her house

Often, new moms don’t want visitors because they don’t want to take the time to clean the house before your arrival. But tell them you are coming with your own toilet brush and mop? You can bet your bathroom they’ll be eager to see you.

Send her to the spa

Want to really show your love? Give your mom friend a gift certificate to the spa with babysitting included. Want to take it up another notch? Hire a cleaning service to make her home spotless while she’s gone. Can you say best present ever?

Organize a meal train

Are you a planner? How about organizing a meal train for your friend before her baby even arrives? That way, when the special delivery makes his grand entrance, your friend won’t even have to think about cooking for the first few weeks.

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