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6 Creative birthday party locations for kids

Maybe you like the classic backyard party or even the extremely popular community park party. There’s nothing wrong with that, but is it getting a little old and stale — doing the same thing every year for your child’s birthday party? Try one of these party locations to mix things up a bit and excite your child at the same time.


Cooking party

A cooking party is a great way to keep partygoers entertained. Look into having the children make their own pizzas or offer a menu with some preselected choices offering different kid-friendly meals. Take the menu idea to a whole new level if you do a themed birthday party and plan the menu around your theme. You can also have the kids make their own cupcakes and then you don’t have to worry about getting a birthday cake.

Garden party

Garden parties are perfect for little girls — especially ones that love fairies. Plan a garden party at a local botanical garden or greenery, and allow the little garden fairies to plant flowers, fruits and veggies while they learn about the process. For a great party favor idea, let the children plant flower seeds in a mini flower pot so that they can watch their flower grow and enjoy it well after the party has passed.

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Farm party

Hold on to your horses, kids! Head to a local farm and experience some new things — pet horses, feed pigs, milk a cow and take a hayride through the growing crops. Give each child a bandana and a milk collection container, then have them exchange their milk contribution for a box of milk — or better yet, chocolate milk — for a job well done.


Is your child fascinated with dinosaurs, sharks, science or airplanes? Look into your local museum’s exhibit schedule and plan your perfectly themed party at the perfect party location. Have a picnic lunch outside the museum then venture in and be surrounded by all your child’s favorite things.

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Art studio

Have a budding Picasso on your hands? Look into art lessons or art party packages for the ultimate creative party location with your child and his or her friends. Plan a pottery, painting or craft class and all the attendees will go home with their prized creations in tow.

Rock climbing

Perhaps you have a little adventurer on your hand. With this creative party location, you can let out the inner monkey of each party guest as they climb and burn off some cake. The other parents will love you for this one, trust me.

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