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The Duggar family and other big families

The Duggar family is unusually big by American standards. With 19 kids and one more on the way, “big” is probably an understatement. While we’re not used to seeing families quite that large, some American families don’t stick to 2.2 children. Keep reading to learn about more big families.


Duggar family

19 Kids and Counting — literally


The Duggar family made the news when Michelle Dugar announced she was pregnant — again — in a Today show appearance yesterday.

The stars of 19 Kids and Counting will welcome their 20th child in April 2012. They have faced criticism because their 19th child was born almost four months premature, but that obviously didn’t deter the Duggars from adding another.

“Michelle and I both feel like some of the most blessed parents in the world. Our children are so sweet… we are so grateful to God,” said dad Jim Bob.

Photo credit: TLC

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