6 Easy holiday hairstyles for kids

If your child runs from the room as soon as you pull out the comb, how are you to style your child’s hair for holiday parties, photos and more? The answer is to opt for easy hairstyles that take minimal effort when it comes to kids. From fohawk for boys to adorable curlicues for girls, discover six easy holiday hairstyles for kids.


Stick straight tresses

You can blow out her mane with a round brush and a hairdryer or straighten her locks with a ceramic flatiron in 1-inch sections of hair at a time, but either way will guarantee she’ll be sporting a hairstyle that won’t need touching up mid-party this holiday.

Curlicue ends

Grab a few sponge curlers and roll just the ends of your youngster’s damp locks a few inches up the night before, let dry and unroll in the morning for an adorable holiday hairstyle that looks like she just rolled out of a kids’ hair salon.

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Love-ly French braids

To create the perfect heart French braid, part your darling daughter’s hair down the middle and start French braiding a small section of one side of the hair at the crown, braiding in a curve towards the temple and curving back around in a half-heart shape. Repeat on the other side and fasten the ends of each braid to form the heart’s peak at the bottom.

Fohawk fabulous

For a casual kids’ hairstyle that is holiday-worthy, slather hands with gel, either clear or festively-colored, and slick towards the center to form the perfect wedge for rocking around the Christmas tree!

Classic spikes

Short or tall, spikes still make a statement, especially for kiddos wanting to do their own ‘do this holiday season. Simply ad gel to your fingers and run through the front of the spikes for a holiday look that will last.

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Polished side part

With all the excitement the holiday brings, keep your youngster’s coif in place with a smooth side part, kept picture perfect with hairspray or a little gel.

When it comes to holiday hairstyles for kids, having your younster style her own ‘do may make her a more willing participant when getting ready for the festivities.

“Styling-wise, a child can start doing their own hair from age 12 and up,” Davide Marinelli of De Berardinis Hair Salon in Chelsea, New York City, New York. “Young girls still have sensitive, fine hair that could get damaged with any hot tool use. If your daughter is using hot tools from a young age, make sure they keep their curling iron and flat iron on a low heat setting and apply a heat protector spray or creme habitually before use.” And, before you know it, your kid’s hair will be party ready without the fight!

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