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How to make melting snowman treats

All good things must come to an end, and that includes snowmen. Don’t cry over the snowman’s demise, though. Turn it into a laugh with these whimsical frosted, marshmallow treats your family will love!

making snowman christmas treats


One of the best parts of this treat is that it’s versatile. The fun is all in the topping, so you can place your melting snowman on top of any sweet treat. Consider turning cookies, cupcakes, dessert bars, and even Rice Krispies treats into winter favorites by topping them with a melting marshmallow snowman. Our favorite way to eat a melting snowman is on a brownie — chocolate and gooey marshmallow is a combination that just can’t be beat! After deciding on your base, place it on a plate and get ready to have fun!

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Once you’ve picked your treat, it’s time to get started! Work from the ground up by creating the puddle of the melting snowman with white icing on and around your base. Keep in mind that this isn’t the time to be nice and neat — no snowman ever melts into a perfect circle! You want the icing to look like a melting puddle, so let it drip over the edges and don’t be afraid to miss a few spots, although you do want most of your base treat to be covered.


Once your base is sufficiently “melty,” all that’s left to add to this disappearing snowman is his head! Make the head of your snowman from a large, partially-melted marshmallow. This may sound easy, but it’s actually a little tricky to accomplish. Once a marshmallow starts to melt, it gets sticky and hard to handle, so cooking spray will be your best friend through this step.

Spray a microwave-safe plate with cooking spray, then top the plate with one marshmallow apiece for each melty snowman you’re making. Set your microwave for 30 seconds, but don’t walk away because they won’t actually cook that long. Watch the marshmallows carefully as they cook, and take them out as soon as you see them start to expand.

To remove them from the plate, you’re going to need more cooking spray. Spray it on your fingers before you try to pick one up, or you’ll just end up with a gooey mess on your fingers and none on the treat! Place the marshmallow near the edge of your treat to make it look like the head is about to “slip off” and melt away.

Since it’s slightly melted, the head will have a sad and saggy appearance that will enhance the melty effect you’re going for.

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Now that you’ve got the basic shape of your snowman, it’s time to bring him to life with the details. He needs a face, of course, as well as buttons, arms, clothes and whatever else you’d like to add. Draw the face on the marshmallow using writing gel or icing; whether he looks happy, sad or surprised is up to you! Add the rest of the body and accessories to the icing “puddle” with chocolate chips, candies or edible ink pens, and don’t worry about placing them just right – things tend to shift a bit as they melt. Have fun with this part because it’s these details that will make the melting snowman all your own.

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To make your melting snowman even more life-like, create them on top of sugar cookies that have been baked with green food coloring in the batter. The cookie will look like green grass peeking out from under the snow.



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