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Christmas craft: Make your own Christmas ornament

Plan to decorate your Christmas tree this year with unique, showstopping ornaments you can easily make them yourself! Follow these simple steps to make fabulous handmade Christmas ornaments that will only look like they cost you a fortune.

homemade christmas ornamentSupplies needed for one ornament:

2-inch Smoothfoam ball (available in a 6-pack at Joann’s)
Red craft felt
Hot glue sticks and glue gun



1Create felt rossettes

Cut out approximately 75 quarter-sized circles from your red felt. If you are using a size other than a 2-inch craft ball, you may need a different amount of circles. To create a rosette, cut a swirl from a circle as shown. Although your circles and swirls do not require cutting perfection, it helps if you try to maintain some unity in the thickness of each swirl. Continue cutting until there is just a small circle intact in the middle of your circle. Starting with that circle, roll up your rosette as shown. Using the circle as backing, hot glue the rosette layers together. Repeat until you have 75 finished rosettes.


2Attach to ball

Glue the rosettes to the craft ball, starting with one at the bottom center and then layering around in a circular pattern. Take care that there is not any of the foam ball visible between the rosettes. You may have to squeeze some of the rosettes together to ensure total coverage.

attaching rossettes

3Add ribbon

Before you cover the top, add a loop of ribbon to serve as the hanger. You can use either a pin or a dab of hot glue to secure the ribbon in place, then hide the method of attachment by gluing a rosette on top of it. Continue adding flowers until your ball is completely covered in rosettes. When finished, add a bow to the loop of ribbon with a dab of glue.

attach ribbon hanger


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