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Plan a Christmas caroling party for the family

Celebrate the season by throwing an old-fashioned Christmas caroling party! Read on to learn festive tips on how to plan a Christmas caroling party that your whole family will enjoy.

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1Plan ahead and send out invitations

The best time to throw a Christmas caroling party is after Thanksgiving but before Christmas. Pick a date and send out invitations so everyone in your family can save the date. Weekend evenings are usually best because it won’t interfere with school and homework. If caroling in your neighborhood, plan to go between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the evening, before most people put their children to bed. If you have small children in your family, it might be fun to make the invitations by hand and let the kids decorate them. Hand-drawn Santas, snowmen and Christmas trees will add an adorable, festive touch!

2Choose your Christmas carols

Take time to choose which Christmas music you would like to perform. It’s nice to pick a variety of upbeat and serious tunes. Make sure to include some well-known holiday favorites like “Silent Night,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “O Christmas Tree” that your audience will recognize — they might even join in and sing along! Print the songs you plan to sing on laminated cards so it will be easy to follow along when you go caroling (and so your music won’t get wet if it falls in the snow). If you can get everyone together ahead of time to practice at least once, that would be ideal. If not, send everyone a list of the songs you plan to sing so the carolers can get familiar with the music.

3Dress up in the Christmas spirit

Get into the Christmas spirit by choosing costumes that are festive. You can go all-out and dress up in traditional Victorian costumes or do something more simple like having everyone wear a matching scarf and Santa cap. Another nice touch is to give everyone jingle bells to carry, whether around their necks or on their wrists. Make sure everyone dresses nice and warm. It might be chilly outside! Brrrrr…

4Go caroling

Decide where you want to go caroling. Would you like to go in your own neighborhood? Or maybe you’d like to visit a nursing home or a children’s hospital? If going in your own neighborhood, decide how many homes you want to visit and what route you’d like to take. Plan a route that is circular so you spend the majority of your time singing and not walking in the cold.

Put safety first! Bring flashlights and put reflective tape on your clothing so you will be visible to passing cars. Walk on the sidewalk and use crosswalks when crossing streets. Also make sure all children in the group are supervised by an adult and that no one gets separated from the group.

5Warm up afterwards with some festive treats

Don’t forget to bake some yummy Christmas treats to have ready when everyone returns from caroling. Christmas cookies and hot cocoa are always a hit and will make everyone warm and comfy after a fun and festive evening of caroling.

SheKnows TIp

Before you leave to go caroling, fill your crock pot with a big batch of hot cocoa to warm everyone up when you return. Yum!


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